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Xylyx Bio Announces Global Expansion, Adds 9 International Distributors to Meet Growing Demand

NEW YORK, May 28, 2019 /PRNewswire/ -- Xylyx Bio, a pioneer in physiomimetic cell culture, today announced that it is expanding globally to meet growing international demand for its physiologic cell culture products. The addition of international distributors provides scientists around the globe with the ability to improve the human relevance and predictability of in vitro cell models, an important step towards reducing the high attrition rate in drug development by more reliably assessing which drug candidates will be safer and more effectively treat patients.

Xylyx Bio offers a variety of tissue-specific extracellular matrix substrates that recapitulate the human environment in vitro. Allowing cells to be studied in their native environment enables more meaningful results for scientists working to better predict the effect of new molecules in patients. NativeCoat™ ECM Surface Coatings are available for 2D cell culture applications; TissueSpec® ECM Hydrogels and TissueSpec® ECM Scaffolds are available for 3D applications.

"By providing Xylyx Bio's library of physiologic cell culture products globally, Xylyx is continuing to transform the cell culture industry by bringing the native in-vivo environment to in-vitro research via cell models that are significantly more predictive of human physiology," said Tanya Yankelevich, Director of Product Management at Xylyx Bio.

International distributors include:




PeloBiotech GmbH


Twin Helix S.R.L.




FUJIFILM Wako Pure Chemical Corporation


Kim & Friends, Inc.


Premedical Laboratories, Inc.


Afirmus Biosource Pte Ltd


ProBio, Ltd.

Andrea Nye, Chief Executive Officer at Xylyx Bio, stated: "Scientists need improved clarity and confidence that their cell models are predictive and more likely to lead to effective drug target identification. Xylyx products have great potential to reduce the risk, time and cost of drug failure associated with studying drug candidates in non-physiologic environments. We are thrilled to work with a first-class network of international distributors to bring our products to scientists worldwide."

About Xylyx Bio
Xylyx Bio specializes in native cell-specific substrates, providing the full suite of components from the natural cell microenvironment essential for the most accurate and actionable results for scientists working in pharmaceutical development, cell biology research and regenerative medicine.

Xylyx Bio, Inc.
Andrea Nye, CEO

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