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SEATTLE, Nov. 01, 2018 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) -- CFN Media Group (“CFN Media”), the leading agency and financial media network dedicated to the North American cannabis industry, announces publication of an article covering Weekend Unlimited, Inc. (CSE: YOLO) capitalizing on extensive cannabis industry relationships to establish a lifestyle brand featuring premium products in the United States, Canada, and eventually, internationally. With Canada fully legalizing cannabis and several states in the US doing the same, recreational lifestyle brands have the potential to create significant revenues in new markets made up of both existing cannabis users and new consumers curious about the drug.

Weekend Unlimited has been deploying big agriculture experts to design and operate scalable operations on the West Coast of North America, beginning in Washington State and British Columbia.  The company’s facilities have been strategically located to benefit from low power costs and economies of scale, so that technologies can be effectively utilized in a streamlined fashion to produce premium products.

With the cannabis industry approaching a massive consolidation period as it matures, Weekend Unlimited envisions Washington State as an incubator, where the company’s brand family can be aggregated, optimized, and tailored for expansion into multiple states including California and Massachusetts and into Canada. With Washington as a mature market and California in its early stages, the company’s Washington operation is anticipated to be an ideal bridge into California, with a full product portfolio. The company currently holds Orchard Heights Growers in Washington state, and Northern Lights Organics in British Columbia.

Orchard Heights Growers

Weekend Unlimited’s Orchard Heights Growers operation in Washington State is focused on premium quality indoor cultivation and processing. Orchard Heights draws from its roots in the commercial tree fruit industry to bring the emerging cannabis industry advanced farming practices to ensure constant, quality, and competitively priced products.  

This company provides a combination of mixed light greenhouses with a processing room for extraction. The Orchard Heights Growers Phase One Development includes a state-of-the-art optimized efficiency cannabis greenhouse with full climate controls, an Advanced Agriculture Tissue Culture Robotics system, and an unrivaled industrial extraction system that can produce consistent high-quality cannabis concentrate.

Orchard Heights Growers is situated on 7 acres near the Columbia River in central Washington where a majority of commodity producers converge strategically to expedite distribution to the metropolitan markets.   

Northern Lights Organics

Weekend Unlimited recently announced the details of its acquisition of Northern Lights Organics in Fort St. James, British Columbia. The hemp farm is progressing toward its goal of achieving organic certification.

With approximately 600 acres of farmland, Northern Lights Organics is poised to become one of largest organic hemp and CBD producers in Canada. It is anticipated that in 2019, three hundred acres will be dedicated to outdoor organic hemp for CBD extraction. Indoor cannabis cultivation will be housed in 68,000 sq. ft. of NLO’s purpose-built grow rooms utilizing rolling table automation. Construction is slated for Spring of 2019, and the company has initiated the application process to become a Licensed Producer in Canada. The Northern Lights Organics campus will include vegetative, clone and genetics rooms and an extraction facility for CBD hemp oils and concentrates.

Jerome Baker Designs

Weekend Unlimited is leveraging its acquisition of Jerome Baker Designs to extend its reach into the retail cannabis market. This three-time High Times Cannabis Cup winner, with offices in Las Vegas, New York and Maui, creates custom glass artwork that its clientele are proud to display in their homes and offices. Known for ‘Bongzilla”, the world’s largest bong, currently on display at the Cannabition Cannabis Museum in Las Vegas, Jerome Baker Designs was commissioned to create the piece of cannabis art and history that stands 23 feet tall, requires a blowtorch to light, and an elevator to get to the mouthpiece. Jerome Baker Designs has joined forces with Weekend Unlimited to launch a line of CBD products, as well as launching, in late 2018,  an infused water bottle in the trademarked Jerome Baker bong design.

Weekend Unlimited’s Lifestyle Brand

Weekend Unlimited is designed as a lifestyle brand, creating experiences and engagement from the likes of Jerome Baker glass blowing events, club events, concerts, destination travel, social media interaction, fashion, and licensed Weekend Unlimited accessories - all to raise the profile of its product brands in markets throughout North America and internationally.

The company has launched its “Weekend Unlimited LIVE” program for October, centered in Southern California and featuring celebrities like Nas, Machine Gun Kelly, 2 Chainz, Emily Ratajkowski, and Travis Scott. “By establishing a Weekend Unlimited LIVE house in Hollywood for the month of October, the entertainment community has been invited to engage with our brand and help to shape the lifestyle epitomized by the slogan, ‘Life’s Highs. Anytime. Anywhere,’” said Mr. Cody Corrubia, Weekend Unlimited President and CEO.

“We aim to be a top of mind lifestyle brand in the US, and it is important to connect directly and create long term relationships with tastemakers who believe in this early stage cannabis industry and most importantly want to be a part of shaping its direction,” noted Mr. Corrubia.

Looking Ahead

Weekend Unlimited intends to aggregate and scale its brands, primarily in the categories of flower, extracts and edibles. Weekend Unlimited brands have  first-class operations, distribution, strong revenue trajectories, making them ideal candidates for the deployment of capital and expertise through access to technologies, infrastructure and centralized systems.

Weekend Unlimited’s mission is to play a leadership role in the cannabis industry with integrity, sustainable production, high quality products, trusted relationships, all aimed at establishing the highest standards for the future of, what is today, a nascent industry.

Weekend Unlimited built significant momentum in the lead up to going public on October 15, and investors may want to gain further insight into the company’s growth initiatives as the leadership team focuses on increasing shareholder value.

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