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Watchdog Group, CCHR, to OBGYN Conference: Prevent Psychiatric Drugging of the Preborn

BOSTON, March 22, 2019 /PRNewswire/ -- Psychiatric watchdog, Citizens Commission on Human Rights (CCHR) New England held an awareness protest Sunday morning to attendees of a large Boston OBGYN conference to warn that allowing pregnant mothers to be prescribed psychotropic drugs means that the children in their wombs are being similarly prescribed and may be born with birth defects, including a specific brain malformation.

"While writing and researching on the dangers psychiatric drugs prescribed to children," said CL Garrison, CCHR volunteer and author of Drugging Kids: Psychiatry's Wholesale Drugging of Schoolchildren for ADHD, "I found that children were being harmed in the womb by these same toxic substances."

The main information being passed out was regarding a study entitled, "Rate of Chiari I malformation in children of mothers with depression with and without prenatal SSRI exposure," wherein 18 percent of the children with mothers on SSRI antidepressants were found to have this serious birth defect as opposed to only 2 percent of the children from mothers who were not taking antidepressants while pregnant. 189 children were in the study and the authors feel that more replication of their study is needed.

Chiari 1 brain malformation is a condition in which the bottom of the brain grows into the top of the spinal canal. In some people, it isn't noticed, while others may experience extreme negative effects such as constant headaches, neck pains, vision disturbances, balance problems and weakness.

"Considering the data available regarding birth defects from antidepressants, we feel that more research on harm to the fetus is needed and that it would be much better standard practice in the meantime to utilize safe and natural alternatives to address the normal hormonal changes in mothers," said Kevin Hall, New England Director of CCHR, which was established in 1969 by the Church of Scientology and psychiatrist Thomas Szasz to investigate and expose psychiatric violations of human rights.

When looking on the psychiatric drug side effect studies blog under the antidepressant section, there are studies showing the following potential birth defects from antidepressants: Chiari I brain malformation, increased risk of autism from 1 percent to 1.87 percent, language disorders, infant heart defects and speech, scholastic and motor disorders. Additionally, a quick web search can reveal to you that there are several class action suits against antidepressant manufacturers for causing birth defects.

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