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UK High Court Refuses to Grant Regen Lab Permission to Appeal the PRP Patent Revocation Judgement and Orders Regen Lab to Pay Hundreds of Thousands of Pounds to Estar Medical

Regen Lab asked the court to defer the payment due to limited access to disposable cash and "a restricted amount of liquid funds available" 

HOLON, Israel, March 26, 2019 /PRNewswire/ -- Estar Technologies Ltd. (Estar Medical), a leading global developer and manufacturer of innovative medical products in the biologics, regenerative medicine and platelet rich plasma (PRP) fields, today announced that on March 13, 2019, the UK High Court of Justice (Patents Court) refused to grant Regen Lab SA (Regenlab) permission to appeal the finding that its European PRP patent is invalid.

Regenlab, which must pay extensive legal costs as a result of its legal loss, pleaded for a deferred payment, as immediate payment "could have a 'domino effect' on the viability of the business" and "would impact on Regen's business in a way that would be difficult to quantify financially but is likely to be substantial and would take significant time for Regen to recover its position".

The trial judgment was handed down in January 2019, where the Patents Court revoked Regenlab's European patent No.2073862. In its ruling, the Patents Court stated that the Regenlab patent "is invalid for lack of novelty and inventive step. Regen's application to amend the Patent is refused on the ground that the amended Patent would still be invalid". The Patents Court also commented that Regenlab's owner and CEO, Antoine Turzi, to be "not a reliable witness".

This UK judgment along with the Patents Court's refusal to grant permission to appeal add to the German court's decision dismissing the Regenlab infringement claim, the European Patent Office two preliminary opinions which found the same Regenlab patent to be invalid on multiple grounds, and the venue judgment in New York in which Regen Lab lost its case against Estar Medical.

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Estar Medical is a leading innovator of medical devices in the biologics, cell therapy and platelet rich plasma fields which it markets under the well-recognized TROPOCELLS®, CELLENIS® and other related brands. Estar Medical has developed a unique and effective technology for the simple preparation of PRP by enabling the physician to easily and effectively separate and concentrate growth factors taken from the patient's own blood for the purpose of building new tissues and effectively accelerate the natural autologous wound healing process. Estar Medical remains committed to providing innovative proprietary products of the highest quality and safety, as well as protecting its partners, distributors and global clients through enforcement of its intellectual property rights.

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