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SuperSonic Imagine to present Aixplorer® MACH 30 at the Arab Health Exhibition in Dubai from 28 to 31 January 2019

AIX-EN-PROVENCE, France, Jan. 22, 2019 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) -- SuperSonic Imagine (Euronext: SSI, FR0010526814), a company specialising in ultrasound medical imaging, will for the first time present its new Aixplorer® MACH 30 ultrasound system at the Arab Health exhibition, the first international healthcare event in the Middle East set to welcome nearly 100,000 visitors from 159 countries.

Aixplorer MACH 30 ultrasound platform combines a sophisticated and functional design, speed, technological innovation and a new user experience. The unique ‘SonicPad’ touchpad is an intuitive interactive system that revolutionises the conventional ultrasound approach.

“The Aixplorer MACH 30 has been very positively received in the Middle East, a market where SuperSonic Imagine has been present from the very beginning. This is because our technological innovation brings effective solutions to improve diagnosis and monitoring of diseases that are public health issues in this region such as chronic liver disease and breast cancer,” explained Michèle Lesieur, CEO of SuperSonic Imagine.

“The Middle East is a strategic territory for SuperSonic Imagine. Over a number of years we have developed a very active network of distributors across this region, and today we are seeing strong growth which we think will accelerate as we market the Aixplorer MACH 30,” continued Kurt Kelln, Vice President and Chief Business Officer of SuperSonic Imagine.

Aixplorer MACH 30, a more intelligent and effective Aixplorer to handle pathology of the liver, breast and prostate.

To date, over 600 publications have demonstrated the reliability and effectiveness of SuperSonic Imagine’s ShearWave Elastography (SWE). This new SWE biomarker allows the visualization of  the tissue stiffness in real time in a reliable, quantitative and reproducible manner. This criterion has become an important parameter, particularly in the diagnosis and monitoring of chronic liver disease, breast and prostate lesions and many other indications.

Aixplorer MACH 30 integrates a new generation of UltraFast™ imaging, technology which allows an image acquisition rate 200 times faster than conventional ultrasound systems. All of SuperSonic Imagine’s innovative modes (Doppler UltraFast™, Angio PL.U.S – Planewave UltraSensitive™ Imaging and TriVu) have been optimised to give better diagnostic performance while offering exceptional image quality over all conventional imaging modes thanks to preserved purity of the ultrasound signal.

A new generation of ShearWave Elastography (SWE PLUS) allowing the stiffness of tissue to be viewed and measured in real time on a colour map has therefore been significantly improved, particularly the acquisition speed and examination depth.

A unique approach on the ultrasound market, the SonicPad® keypad is an intuitive interactive system which improves the radiologist’s work flow by reducing the user’s movements by up to 77% and the examination time by up to 32%. The SonicPad® means radiologists can focus their attention on analysing on-screen clinical information rather than which buttons to push for optimal image acquisition. Larger screens improve the comfort and ease of using the Aixplorer MACH 30.

Guests at the Arab Health exhibition are invited to visit SuperSonic Imagine at booth no. #S1-B55 where they can view demonstrations of models.

About SuperSonic Imagine

SuperSonic Imagine specializes in ultrasound medical imaging. The company manufactures the flagship Aixplorer® series of products, which feature the exclusive UltraFast™ technology. UltraFast™ has given rise to new imaging modes that set the standards of care for non-invasive characterization of breast, liver and prostate diseases. The first groundbreaking UltraFast™ mode developed is ShearWave® Elastography (SWE™), which enables doctors to view and instantly analyze tissue stiffness, a vitally important factor in the diagnosis of many conditions. To date, more than 600 published articles have validated the diagnostic value its technologies.

The most recent addition to the Aixplorer range is the Aixplorer MACH 30 ultrasound platform that introduces the next generation of UltraFast™ imaging, which optimizes the system’s innovative imaging modes: ShearWave PLUS, Doppler UltraFast™, Angio PL.U.S, and TriVu.

The company has more than 2,000 ultrasound systems installed in over 80 countries. Its main growth markets are China, the United States and the European Union (France). The company generated a turnover of €24.7 million in 2017, representing annual growth of 11%. SuperSonic Imagine is listed on Euronext (symbol: SSI).

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