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Strata Oncology Announces Partnerships with Five Additional Health Systems

ANN ARBOR, Mich., July 30, 2019 /PRNewswire/ -- Strata Oncology, a precision oncology company enabling molecular indications for cancer therapeutics, today announced Baptist Health (KY), Lehigh Valley Health Network (PA), Marshfield Clinic (WI), MultiCare Health System (WA), and Prisma Health (SC) have joined the Strata Precision Oncology Network™ (the "Network"). These health systems join Bon Secours Health and Kaiser Permanente Southern California as new Network members in 2019.

Routine tumor molecular profiling through the Strata Trial is now available at more than 100 hospitals across the Network, covering 140,000 newly diagnosed cancer patients annually. Strata Oncology's growing portfolio of pharma-sponsored clinical trials is available to eligible patients at the primary cancer center in each health system.

"The addition of these five health systems to the Network expands our reach to 40,000 patients each year with newly diagnosed advanced cancer," said Dan Rhodes, Ph.D., Chief Executive Officer, Strata Oncology. "Together we are working to solve the unique hurdles integrated health systems face in implementing a large-scale precision oncology program, including routine tumor profiling, rapid interpretation of test results and local access to precision therapy trials."

Launched in 2017, and led by Strata Oncology, the Network is committed to creating a new standard of care for cancer patients, one where molecular profiling, clinical trial participation and continuous learning to inform care and research are the norm. Members of the Network leverage Strata's precision oncology platform to implement a comprehensive program featuring universal tumor molecular profiling, efficient utilization of molecular data, and a portfolio of precision therapy trials.

In March, Strata launched version 3.0 of StrataNGS, its pan-cancer assay for solid tumors. The updated assay features an expanded gene panel, from 90 to 500 cancer genes, and includes analytical validation of 36 emerging gene expression biomarkers. Every test result reads out tumor mutational burden, PD-L1, and microsatellite instability to help inform the use of immunotherapies.

"Lehigh Valley Health Network has a longstanding commitment to deliver high-level care to cancer patients across eastern Pennsylvania," said Suresh Nair, M.D., physician-in-chief of the Lehigh Valley Cancer Institute. "This partnership positions Lehigh Valley on the cutting-edge of providing patients access to the latest technology and clinical trials in precision oncology."

About Strata Oncology

Strata Oncology, Inc. is a precision medicine company dedicated to transforming cancer care by building a platform to systematize precision oncology across a network of health systems and pharma companies. Strata empowers health systems to deliver a cost-effective, system-wide, precision oncology program, one that integrates cutting-edge molecular profiling and precision therapy trials with routine care, so that all advanced cancer patients have the opportunity to benefit. This large network of trial-ready health systems provides a mechanism to rapidly and predictably enroll precision therapy trials. For more information visit 

About the Strata Precision Oncology Network

The Strata Precision Oncology Network ("Network"), led by Strata Oncology, is a collaborative network of leading health systems that believe in deploying a clinical-research driven model for precision medicine that enables continuous learning to drive research and clinical care. The Network consists of 18 leading health systems that have demonstrated a commitment to standardizing tumor molecular profiling and precision therapy trials, providing a platform to accelerate drug approvals and catalyze new clinical research opportunities. The Strata Trial serves as the foundation of this approach by providing a standardized genomic testing protocol to deliver precision oncology system-wide. 

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