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StemoniX's microBrain® 3D to be Featured in Podium Presentation at World Pharma Week's 18   Annual World Preclinical Congress

MAPLE GROVE, Minn., June 11, 2019 /PRNewswire/ -- StemoniX, a biotech company revolutionizing how new medicines are discovered, announced today that its Director of Research and Development, Fabian Zanella, PhD, will deliver a podium presentation highlighting the company's microBrain 3D technology at World Pharma Week in Boston, June 17-20, 2019.  The presentation will be featured as part of the "iPS Cells for CNS Drug Discovery and Development" session during the 18th Annual World Preclinical Congress.

The podium presentation, entitled "Elevating Drug Discovery with Advanced Physiologically Relevant Human iPSC-Based Screening Platforms," will detail how structurally engineered human induced pluripotent stem cell (hiPSC)-based platforms enable greater physiological relevance, elevating performance in drug discovery and toxicity research. StemoniX has developed microBrain 3D, an iPSC-derived neural spheroid platform that contains a mixture of neuronal subtypes and astrocytes, which are spontaneously electrically active, and can be used in high-throughput drug screening. microBrain 3D is designed to reflect key aspects of native human brain tissue in both structure and function, offering improved outcomes for neurological drug discovery and neurotoxicity research.

Ping Yeh, co-founder and CEO of StemoniX, said: "The 18th Annual World Preclinical Congress at World Pharma Week is an ideal event to showcase the value potential of microBrain 3D.  As presented by Dr. Zanella, microBrain 3D is a human iPSC-derived cortical spheroid screening platform that is designed to replicate key aspects of native human brain tissue in both structure and function.  Studies, including those presented at the conference, have demonstrated the ability of microBrain to enhance neurological drug discovery and neurotoxicity research, while potentially delivering significant cost and time savings to the pharmaceutical industry."

Podium Presentation Details


Elevating Drug Discovery with Advanced Physiologically Relevant Human iPSC-Based Screening Platforms


IPS Cells for Central Nervous System (CNS) Drug Discovery and Development


18th Annual World Preclinical Congress at World Pharma Week


June 20, 2019


12:30-1 p.m., EDT


Boston, MA

About StemoniX
StemoniX is empowering the discovery of new medicines to treat challenging diseases via the world's first ready-to-use assay plates containing living human microOrgans®, including electrophysiologically active neural (microBrain®) and cardiac (microHeart®) cells. Predictive, accurate, and consistent, StemoniX's products enable pharmaceutical scientists to quickly and economically conduct high-throughput screening in a simplified workflow. Through their Discovery as a Service branch, the company also partners with organizations to screen compounds as well as create customized microOrgan models and assays tailored to individual discovery and toxicity needs. Visit to learn how StemoniX is helping global institutions humanize drug discovery and development to bring the most promising medicines to patients.

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