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Sports Medicine Brand Gsport is Prepared for the Sports Medicine Boom

FORT LAUDERDALE, Fla., Jan. 29, 2020 /PRNewswire/ -- Athletes around the world have been seen wearing brightly colored bandage tape on their arms, legs, shoulders, and backs. Whether it's soccer, basketball, or gymnastics, wide-spread use of kinesiology tape has made this professional grade product popular with every-day consumers.

Kinesiology tape works by helping to support the muscle groups currently in use by allowing for greater blood flow to the areas where the tape is applied. For this reason, Kinesio tape has also been a breakthrough in preventative medicine, as it can help reduce the risk of injury during a sporting activity, as well as help to speed up recovery time when and if an injury occurs.

Chinese brand Gsport has been making an impact on the sports medicine market here in the United States, bringing their effective and easy to use Kinesio tape to U.S. consumers. Gsport's innovation is a product of their complete control over its manufacturing process. From their 300k square foot warehouse and factory in China's Zhejiang Province, Gsport can streamline the whole process from product development to manufacturing and shipping all from one location.

Gsport's line of sport medicine products extends beyond Kinesio tape to include bandages, wraps, cold therapy bags, but certainly, their athletic tape is a top seller. Not only is Gsport's Cohesive Kinesiology tape safe for human athletes, but it can also be used in veterinary medicine.

This is because Gsport's Kinesio tape can be applied anywhere on the body, molding to fit where it's applied, and because it is self-adhering, the tape does not get stuck to hair or skin, making it sweat-proof and easy to remove. Once applied Kinesio tape can help to increase circulation, allowing blood to flow and fluid to drain from the stress points on muscle tissue. 

For human athletes, Kinesio tape has made a major difference in recovery time and comfort during performance. The publicity it receives from athletes has jettisoned Kinesio tape into an upward earning pattern with demand soaring, and profits set to hit over $300 Million in less than five years.

Gsport is ready for the challenge of supplying products to the U.S. sport's medicine market, bringing their nearly 20 years of expertise. Since 2003 Gsport has been designing, creating and shipping high-quality sports medicine products throughout the world, now American consumers can find their Kinesiology Tape, as well as a host of other goods for sale by U.S. retailers both online and in stores in 2020.

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