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SoldierStrong Announces 2018 SoldierScholar Recipients

STAMFORD, Conn., Nov. 26, 2018 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) -- SoldierStrong, a nonprofit organization dedicated to providing advanced medical technologies to veterans, today announced the 2018 recipients of its SoldierScholar scholarship program. Awarded annually, the goal of this program is to fill any tuition gaps that may be left by the Post-9/11 GI Bill and is available to veterans who fought in the recent War on Terror.

“The SoldierScholar program is aimed at giving back to our veterans by helping them achieve their goals of higher education. To date, this important program has raised more than $500,000,” said Chris Meek, co-founder and chairman of SoldierStrong. “We are proud of our service members and consider it a privilege to support those who have served and sacrificed for us take their next steps forward in life.”

This year’s recipients are: 

  • Bonnie Lee Miley, Electrical & Computer Engineering, Old Dominion University

When Bonnie Lee Miley enrolled in the U.S. Navy 34 years ago, she gave up college and committed herself to service. After numerous tours, she returned home to the Reserves and resumed a normal civilian routine life. While in the Reserves, she got recalled to active duty during Desert Shield Desert Storm because of her skillset in telecommunications. The SoldierScholar scholarship is allowing Bonnie to finish her degree. She is committed to putting forth her best effort, always. Get to know Bonnie.

  • Stephanie Primeaux, Mechanical Engineering, Old Dominion University

A second-generation U.S. Navy veteran, Stephanie Primeaux has more than six years of experience in nuclear operations, maintenance, and management. She previously served as a Nuclear Electrician’s Mate on the U.S.S. Harry S. Truman and as Facilities Manager at the Fleet Readiness Center Mid-Atlantic. A working mom and dedicated wife, Stephanie is also interning at NASA’s Langley Research Center as a Cost Analysis Intern. Stephanie and her husband, a fellow active-duty Naval officer, recently welcomed their second child into the world. Stephanie is the first second-time recipient of a SoldierScholar scholarship.

  • Robert Rivera, Executive Master’s, International Relations and Master of Science, Public Relations, Syracuse University

Born and raised in New Jersey, Robert Rivera enlisted in the Army Guard and Reserve after high school, where he completed assignments in Military Intelligence, Military Police and the Infantry. He also served in several emergency assistance organizations, including being a first responder at the 9/11 attacks at World Trade Center as a member of the Edison, N.J. Fire Department. Following his discharge from the Army, Robert enrolled at Syracuse University, where he is simultaneously pursuing an Executive Master’s degree in International Relations and his Master of Science degree in Public Relations.

“Though I knew I wanted to join the Navy, I had applied to attend ODU first, but finances were an issue,” said Navy veteran, Stephanie Primeaux. “The Navy not only helped better prepare me for college, both financially and academically, but it helped connect me to a great advisor who recognized my hard work and made me aware of opportunities like the SoldierStrong scholarship. I feel beyond honored to have been selected for this scholarship. It has given me the confidence and means to continue my education.” 

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About SoldierStrong
SoldierStrong helps American patriots literally take their next steps forward. Through educational scholarships and by harnessing the most innovative technology in advanced rehabilitation, we help our returning service men and women to continue moving in the only direction they should know – forward. Nearly every dollar SoldierStrong receives goes towards direct support of American patriots so that they can re-acclimate to civilian life. Our organization works to remind those men and women who sacrificed so much that we are forever thankful.

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