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RUDDCO Inc. Announces the Addition of a Bio-chemist and Toxicologist to the Staff 

MIAMI, Dec. 28, 2018 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) -- Ruddco Inc., a Florida based company in conjunction with Orange Hill Limited under a joint venture agreement, is announcing an expansion of cannabis operations and the opening of tourist attractions on the island of Jamaica.

Ruddco Inc. is pleased to announce that Michael “Mike” Lewandowski, a very accomplished bio-chemist and toxicologist, has recently joined the company. As part of the Ruddco business plan there will be a research and development division that will be testing various combinations of plant extracts and compounds derived from the cannabis and other species naturally growing in the Cranbrook Botanical Garden adjacent to the Ruddco agro-processing facility.  The Cranbrook Garden is a very popular commercial tourist attraction now being operated by members of the Ruddco staff. As a result, Ruddco has created additional income streams from revenues generated by the eco resort at Cranbrook Gardens while at the same time their science team will be at liberty to collect as many plant samples as necessary to drive their ongoing research efforts. Dr. Lewandowski will head up the research and development division of Ruddco.  Any promising results produced by Ruddco's research development efforts will create new wellness products as well as marketing their discoveries to large pharmaceutical, cosmeceutical, and health food companies for further blockbuster development and commercialization.

The Ruddco management is very excited about the addition of Dr. Lewandowski to the team. He will assume the role of principal scientific advisor to OIL/Ruddco Jamaican Cannabis Company.

Dr. Lewandowski is a toxicologist with a degree from Southern Illinois University and over 42 years of experience developing pharmaceuticals, nutraceuticals, and agricultural products.  Dr. Lewandowski has also played a key role in the development of over 12 FDA-approved drugs and dozens of other drugs taken to various stages of development.

Notably, as the Manager of Toxicology at then start-up Genentech, Dr. Lewandowski worked closely with the FDA to get their first Biotech drug (tPA) on the market and then spear-headed the development of Natrecor, a treatment for acute congestive heart failure at Scios.

As an entrepreneur, Dr. Lewandowski has successfully created and managed drug development companies such as Pathology Solutions, Global Bio-Development and N2B Pharma that have provided support and guidance to many small and large pharma companies.

As the Chief Science Officer of Prevacus, Dr. Lewandowski was in charge of preclinical R&D, Regulatory Compliance, Drug Synthesis, Formulation Development, Manufacturing, and Clinical Studies.

Currently Dr. Lewandowski is the Quality Improvement Strategist for a very successful Florida based medical marijuana company. Mike built the product testing group that measures cannabinoids, and possible contaminants such as pesticides, heavy metals, microbials, mycotoxins, and residual solvents.

Dr. Lewandowski is also currently a partner in CBD Biotech, a medical cannabis start-up in Africa which has plans to: attain licenses in five southern African countries; grow and process hemp into 100,000kg of CBD isolate per month; and grow/process 200kg of full spectrum medical marijuana per month – all under the guidance of Mr. Lewandowski. 

As the CEO of N2B Pharma, Dr. Lewandowski is further pioneering the development of treating central nervous system (CNS) disorders with rescued or re-purposed drugs using a patented intranasal delivery system that delivers drugs directly to the brain, the target organ, while minimizing systemic exposure—thus preventing undesired side effects. 

According to company management the addition of Dr. Lewandowski to the team is an ideal situation for Ruddco because he brings world class capability and support to the science component of our business operations. There are over 150 identified compounds in the cannabis plant yet only a small fraction has known medicinal uses. We at Ruddco are highly confident there will be great discoveries to be made once significant sampling and testing efforts are initiated under the management of Mr. Lewandowski.

The management team of Vantage Advisors continues to be very “up beat” and highly optimistic with respect to the future prospects of Ruddco and Orange Hill.  With Dr. Lewandowski now coming on board, Ruddco will have the expertise needed to conduct ground breaking research that will most likely lead to wind fall pay offs for the company. Ruddco is truly shaping up into a very promising situation. The Cranbrook operations stand to be a cash cow for Ruddco in and of itself, the cannabis and edible sales on the island alone will also be a potential cash cow. Once you combine those activities with Ruddco's international cannabis operations, you have the makings of a financial powerhouse.  Now that Dr. Lewandowski has brought his scientific skill sets to the company, the sky is truly the limit for Ruddco. 


Ruddco Inc. is in the business of developing medicinal health and herbal products for sales, distribution, and licensing.  Its principal offices are presently located at Miami, Florida. The Officers of the Company are Jonathan R. Black ESQ, Theresa A. Ruddock, and Cheryl Cole.

RUDDCO/OIL Joint Venture intends to utilize the vast botanical wealth of Jamaica to supply the new and rapidly increasing demand for therapeutic and pharmaceutical grade oils and extracts inspired by sound enthno medical principals passed down for generations.

For more information on RUDDCO please email or call Company representative Jonathon R. Black at 305-300-9812.

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Friday, December 28, 2018 - 10:00