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Precision Protein® -- The Next Generation of Whey Protein Supplementation from Hi-Tech Pharmaceuticals Enters Phase 3 Launch!

NORCROSS, Ga., May 1, 2019 /PRNewswire/ -- Precision Protein® marks the beginning of a new era in whey-protein formulation and supplementation. Precision Protein™ is based upon the inclusion of the revolutionary Hydrolyzed Whey Protein (WPH)  Hydrovon™ 280 with EET (EET- Embedded Enzyme Technology™ is a breakthrough technology that embeds high quality hydrolyzed whey protein with active enzymes to target the release of leucine peptides in the body).  For years, whey has been revered as the quality protein source for fitness enthusiasts and athletes. Boasting possibly the highest biological value of any naturally occurring protein, its reputation and popularity are well deserved. However, recent scientific evidence of Precision Protein® for athletes may go well beyond its ability to supply quality amino acids to hungry muscles. Precision Protein® uses specific enzymes to hydrolyze the protein into peptides, and the enzymes are protected through the drying process by protein and phospholipids to deliver both peptides and active enzymes. Hydrovon 280 A partially hydrolyzed whey protein isolate designed for rapid absorption by the body can help to speed up post-athletic recovery while eliminating the bitter taste common to this type of whey protein. EET is a breakthrough technology that embeds high quality hydrolyzed whey protein with active enzymes to target the release of leucine peptides in the body and acts as a " specific targeting of time released protein" Embedded Enzyme Technology™ is what powers the highly anabolic actions of Precision Protein®. This patent pending bi-phase delivery system works via two separate hydrolysis actions; first in the production of the protein powder itself, and then again when you're ready to consume it.†

  • Degree of hydrolysis
    • Phase 1 – 5-7%
    • Phase 2 – 9-11%
  • Active enzymes
    • Leucine specifically targeted, continued activation with consumer consumption
    • Mild-tasting
    • Patent-pending
    • Enzymes embedded into phospholipid protein matrix
  • Breaks down protein into peptides and amino acids for faster utilization by the body
    • Targeted release of leucine peptides from the protein in both phases
    • 2-phase process to release peptides

Precision Protein® is unique in that it is the only partially hydrolyzed whey protein Matrix  that confines the characteristically bitter flavor of hydrolyzed proteins to the past. Offering a clean flavor profile and a clean label, it appeals to professional athletes and sport enthusiasts alike. Precision Protein® is rich in branched chain amino acids (BCAA's) for post-work out lean muscle maintenance and accelerated muscle recovery and repair.

Hi-Tech's Protein scientists have discovered that whey, in its natural state, contains a variety of bioactive compounds generally referred to as "protein microfractions." These powerful compounds may offer numerous positive biological effects to hard-training athletes, including: immune-system reinforcement, antioxidant protection, and even possible support of muscle-tissue repair and regeneration. Isolation and stabilization of these fragile microfraction proteins is a very difficult and technical process. In the past, most of the methods of whey processing and isolation used extreme temperatures and acidic conditions, thus destroying these valuable microfractions. The most advanced techniques, known as ultrafiltration, is used in combination to create Precision Protein®quite possibly the highest quality, microfraction-rich hydrolyzed whey protein available today and certainly the only one that delivers precise amounts of leucine to targeted muscles.

A recent study, published in the International Journal of Sports Nutrition and Exercise Metabolism, examined the effects of supplementation with different proteins, namely hydrolyzed whey protein and casein (the main component of milk protein), on muscle strength and body composition during a 10-week, supervised resistance training program. Importantly, this study was conducted on experienced male bodybuilders. In a double-blind protocol, these guys supplemented their normal diets with either whey hydrolysate or casein (1.5 grams per kilogram of body mass per day). What happened? Well, this well-controlled study indicated that:

  • The whey hydrolysate group achieved a significantly greater gain in lean body mass than the casein group (5.0 versus 0.8 kilograms). Also, the whey hydrolyzate group lost significant body fat while the casein group gained body fat (-1.5 versus 0.2 kilograms).
  • The whey hydrolyzate group also achieved significantly greater improvements in muscle strength (measured by barbell bench press, squat and cable pulldown) compared to the casein group in each assessment of strength. Furthermore, when the strength changes were expressed relative to bodyweight, the whey group still achieved significantly greater improvements in strength compared to the casein group.

Precision Protein® is also the only whey-protein supplement available on the sports nutrition market which contains the patented EET technology, which is a breakthrough technology that embeds high quality hydrolyzed whey protein with active enzymes to target the release of leucine peptides in the body. This unique enzymatic technology has been shown in recent scientific research to assist protein assimilation by creating protein peptides and preferentially liberating branched-chain amino acids from whole proteins and specifically to delivers precise amounts of leucine to targeted muscles!

Precision Protein® comes with a never before seen enzyme known as EET™ (Embedded Enzyme Technology) which completely changes the way protein behaves in your body, and is our latest scientific twist on improving whey protein consumption for strength, size and recovery. It works by seeking out specific points in the long amino acid chains that make up the protein itself, and hydrolyzing (or breaking them down) in specific parts to increase the release of Leucine Peptides. By increasing the amount of Leucine Peptides found in whey, the body responds by seeing a significantly larger increase in muscle protein synthesis, mTOR (mechanistic target of rapamycin), and PGC-1a4, all of which lead to faster muscle growth, quicker strength gains, and ultimately better results. Simply put, if you want to gain more muscle and if you want to maximize those results to the ultimate degree, the most effective protein possible is Precision Protein® with EET™. From the second you add liquid to your serving of Precision Protein®, a specialized protein-embedded phospholipid-matrix is activated which immediately begins hydrolyzing the protein at identified sites. EET™ offers more muscle growth than traditional whey protein due to its ability to break down protein in a specialized way that releases significantly higher levels of Leucine Peptides and other clinically proven anabolic agents. Precision Protein® takes the most proven muscle builder of all time, protein, and incorporates the most advanced scientific processes to make if more bioavailable, more anabolic, and easier to digest. Your body deserves the BEST protein source possible, which means if you aren't using Precision Protein®, you're not using the best. Hi-Tech Precision Protein® with EET is the new gold standard in Whey Protein, providing unmatched bio availability and unparalleled results. If you are looking for the purest and most effective muscle building whey protein, you search is finally over.†

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