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NEW PROVIDENCE, N.J., May 8, 2019 /PRNewswire/ -- Phoenix Group and Telesto Digital announced today that they have successfully completed a merger to create eNOVA — the next-generation medical communications company dedicated to eVolutionzing™ customer engagement.

Current principals from both companies will continue to serve, each holding a Managing Partner role to comprise eNOVA's leadership team. The combined talent and expertise of the management team provides an unparalleled blend of innovation and insight.

The Life Sciences market has evolved to a unified stakeholder-engagement model.  eNOVA provides an end-to-end, integrated, customer-centric business model designed to advance science and medicine by transforming stakeholder engagement. 

Since 2002, Phoenix, a Medical Communications and Speakers Bureau company, has continued to adapt to market dynamics to maintain a leadership position in the industry. Telesto Digital's Radius Direct® is a game-changing, cloud-based technology platform designed to unify engagement. The combination of strategically developed content and execution capabilities powered by advanced technology creates a unique resource for the Life Sciences Industry. eNVOA will enable clients to engage with the right balance of content to the right customer mix across the stakeholder ecosystem.   

Managing Partner, Engagement Performance, Bob Muratore, explained eNOVA's focus:

"We are a team eVolutionizing medical communications with the power of transformative technology that propels engagement, interaction, and activation across the healthcare ecosystem." "Our mission is to help our clients transform engagement by connecting the many stakeholders in the healthcare ecosystem with relevant content that advances patient health and wellness," added Tracy Doyle, Managing Partner, Engagement Strategy.

Spearheading the development of cloud-based technology solutions is veteran, Al Mahafzah, Managing Partner, Engagement Technology: "Our vision is to become the strategic full-service stakeholder engagement company of choice."  "We believe this merger will transform medical communications and customer engagement," said Angela Fiordilino, Managing Partner, Engagement Execution.  
About eNOVA
A strategic full-service stakeholder engagement company dedicated to eVolutionizing medical communications with the power of transformative technology that propels engagement, interaction, and activation across the healthcare ecosystem.

About Phoenix Group
Founded in 2002 by Tracy Doyle and Angela Fiordilino as an end-to-end service provider of medical communications and Speakers Bureau, Phoenix focused on introducing technologically advanced solutions for the new era of transparency and HCP engagement. The company grew to over 110 employees and positioned itself as a team with combined power of strategy, science, execution and technology to transform HCP Engagement.

About Telesto Digital
Founded in 2016 by Al Mahafzah and Bob Muratore, Telesto Digital is a Digital platform development company advancing digital engagement. Mahafzah is an accomplished digital strategist.  Muratore, a longtime leader in the industry with over 35 years of healthcare and marketing communications experience, has built and rebuilt companies into some of the largest and most respected in the field. His expertise spans all pharma services, and his breadth of marketing and communications experience in the healthcare space reflects his proven capability in applying business expertise across market segments. Mahafzah and Muratore have been working together for more than a decade, making advancements in their respected fields as well as building a healthcare communications company prior to founding Telesto Digital.


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