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Patient Recruitment Agency, Clinical Trial Media, Shares 4 Tips to Keep Patients Involved Throughout the Entire Trial Process

HAUPPAUGE, N.Y., April 17, 2019 /PRNewswire/ -- Clinical trials take a group of individuals and evaluate how certain treatment effects them. Data is collected and analyzed to then determine educated findings and results. It's crucial to keep patients involved during clinical trials, as otherwise, it can cause significant delays or challenges. Patient recruitment agency, Clinical Trial Media, shares 4 tips to keep patients involved throughout the entire trial process.

A monetary incentive has proven to improve the rate of patient response and involvement. However, it's unknown if there is an optimal value for the incentive. The monetary reward can be seen as a reimbursement for their time spent participating in the trial. A debit or gift card is usually the best form of compensation

Another way to keep patients involved is to take their feedback into consideration. This may seem obvious, but it can often be overlooked when dealing with something as complex as a clinical trial. Patients can provide firsthand experience and knowledge about how to improve the logistics and recruitment efforts of your clinical trial. It's important to not only hear their opinions but try to implement them as well. This could help improve both your current and any future trials.

Your patients are the key to determining the results of your clinical trial and they should feel as so. Try showing appreciation and recognition for your patients. It's likely to make a positive impact on patient retention when individuals feel respected and centric to the results. Establish personal connections with your patients through things like casual conversation and simple 'thank you's' to help them feel more comfortable.

Another way to show appreciation is by accommodating their schedules as often and as easily as possible. Patients can have busy personal lives and obligations outside of the clinical trial. Sometimes, unplanned events may come up and cause a rift in their normal schedule and routine. Cooperating with patients will make their experience less like another obligation and more like they're helping discover scientific findings. Remember, without your patients there would be no clinical trial!

Challenges with patient retention can cause significant delays and costs during your clinical trial. It's important to keep patients involved throughout the entire process to increase the likelihood of them participating through the completion of the clinical trial. Consider some of the tips above for your next clinical trial.

About CTM: CTM, a clinical trial recruitment agency, is a global patient recruitment and retention firm that provides customized product and service offerings to maximize your study's enrollment potential. With our flexible solutions, superior customer service and vast clinical trial experience around the world, Clinical Trial Media is your global enrollment connection.

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