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Orthobond Corporation to Present at the 2017 North American Spine Society Annual Meeting

NORTH BRUNSWICK, N.J., Oct. 23, 2017 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) -- Orthobond Corporation (North Brunswick, NJ), a leader in the design and development of antimicrobial implant surfaces, has been invited to participate in a focused session on occult infections in the spine at the 2017 North American Spine Society (NASS) Annual Meeting. The annual NASS meeting is the largest gathering of spine surgeons in the world and features talks on all areas of clinical practice and related research topics.  Representing Orthobond, Greg Lutz, M.D. (Chairman of the Board and Co-Founder) and Jordan Katz, Ph.D. (Executive Director of Biology) will discuss the biological and chemical interactions between bacteria and surfaces.  Also joining the panel is Darren Lebl, M.D. and Celeste Abjornson, Ph.D., both from Hospital for Special Surgery (New York, NY), a leading institute for surgical procedures in the spine. 

Orthobond uses covalent technology to modify biomaterial surfaces at the nanoscale.  This approach allows for the creation of antimicrobial surfaces with greatly reduced risk of local or systemic toxicity and bacterial resistance.  Dr. Lutz has been working for more than a decade to improve patient outcomes by developing technologies that dramatically reduce bacterial contamination during surgeries.  He states, “Occult infection is an ongoing clinical challenge and we are just learning about the true magnitude of the issue.  We as clinicians need to be doing everything we can to reduce the exposure of patients to bacteria including developing new technologies to protect implants during surgery.”   According to Charles Ryan, Ph.D., President and CEO at Orthobond, “This is a great opportunity for the scientific and clinical community to learn about our groundbreaking endeavors to create antimicrobial surfaces, and for us to share our unique understanding of how such surfaces interact with bacteria.”

For more information on the Orthobond presentations, or to learn more about the research being performed at Orthobond, please contact Charles Ryan at

Monday, October 23, 2017 - 17:39

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