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NLS Pharmaceutics Gains the European Top Spot in the Illustrious Business Worldwide Magazine Awards

LONDON, May 10, 2019 /PRNewswire/ -- NLS Pharmaceutics Ltd. (NLS) has been recognised for exceptional leadership and innovation in Business Worldwide Magazine's (BWM) 2019 Brand of the Year Awards. The Swiss-based biotech company was the outright winner in the category 'Biotechnology Company of the Year – Europe.'

Organised by BWM, the awards recognise and reward businesses which have shown exceptional performance in the previous twelve months, proving themselves to be dynamic forces within their industries. Not only have the operations of these businesses been of world class quality, their ability to push boundaries, respond to challenges and innovate has earned them admiration and respect from within their sectors.

To be considered for the awards companies must be able to demonstrate exceptional standards of service to their clients, along with a continual drive to develop effective methods of delivery. BWM features the success of these organisations, highlighting their accomplishments and showcasing their work to inspire others. The BWM judging panel was particularly impressed by NLS's pioneering work in the treatment of ADHD.

ADHD can lead to considerable problems with school, work and relationships, with effects often getting worse over time if left untreated. Medication for the condition is a notoriously controversial subject, and the side effects of stimulant-based drugs are often said to cause more problems than they solve.

The co-founders of NLS have pledged to find a way to improve the lives and opportunities of people living with ADHD. Alex Zwyer and Dr Eric Konofal have many years' experience and expertise in pioneering research and commercialization between them. Dr Konofal is a renowned expert in the field of neuropathy, psychopathy and child/adolescent behaviour, and when he formed the company in 2015 with former colleague CEO Alex Zwyer their core aim was to address the unmet needs in the ADHD space.

The company is now in the third stage of research and development of a new ADHD treatment called Mazindol CR. Previously used to treat obesity, it has been shown to successfully reduce the symptoms of ADHD in two studies to date. And unlike the medication traditionally used to treat the condition, Mazindol CR isn't a DEA C-II stimulant – which means that the risks for abuse, misuse and diversion could be drastically reduced.

At the forefront of all NLS Pharmaceutics work is a clear commitment to patient wellbeing. Alex Zwyer told BWM's reporter, "We have a thoroughly patient centred approach.  Our patients are at the heart of all we do and that means striving to find safe, effective ways of managing ADHD. Our core objective is to improve and transform the quality of life for millions of sufferers through ethical, moral and responsible practices."

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