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New Solution for the Mental Health Crisis in America

DALLAS, Sept. 10, 2019 /PRNewswire/ -- ACAP HealthWorks today announced a one-of-kind solution that offers preventive care for brain health. Joyages is a ground-breaking, on-demand app that offers users a self-directed path through a robust offering of videos that teach skills for dealing with life's challenges.

In recognition of September as Suicide Prevention Month and Tuesday September 10th as World Suicide Prevention Day, Joyages has partnered with the American Foundation for Suicide Prevention to offer nine powerful lessons designed for people who are at risk for suicide and the people in their lives who are helping them. Sample topics include talking openly about suicide, spotting warning signs, identifying risk factors, and making a safety plan. Each video is under three minutes long, and all nine are included when you download the Joyages app, which is free during the month of September (available for Apple and Android).

U.S. employers lose $80-100 billion annually due to mental health and substance abuse. Depression is the cause of nearly 400 million lost workdays every year in America. In May 2019, "burnout," generally defined as extreme workplace stress, became an official medical diagnosis.

The trends and expenses are not slowing down. Millennials and Generation Z are reporting higher levels of extreme stress, as well as anxiety and depression. The good news is these groups are searching for support more frequently than past generations.

While the number of options for post-crisis support is starting to grow, there is still a significant void in preventive care solutions that help people before they slide into crisis.  

"Almost 20 percent of Americans experience mental illness each year," said Ray White, ACAP HealthWorks Chief Innovation Officer. "The Joyages app offers 24/7 virtual therapy options and crisis resources; however, Joyages' primary goal is to reach the remaining 80 percent of Americans – to prevent them from ever reaching a crisis mode."

White continued, "Joyages is a private, user-friendly digital life coach in every employee's pocket. Employees see it as a meaningful enhancement to their existing benefits package while the employer's bottom line benefits from improved productivity and reduced healthcare costs."

Rooted in the science of neuroplasticity and positive psychology, Joyages teaches you how to deal with being sad or stressed, rather than trying to avoid the normal challenges of life. The app encourages positive habit formation and mindset shifting to help employees better manage stress, enhance relationships, find a greater sense of purpose, and build resilience. Through Joyages, clinical assessments and an exclusive Brain Health Screening are available for users to self-assess state of mind and mental health risks. Virtual therapy options and crisis resources are also available through the app. 

"Joyages provides a variety of opportunities for users to train their brains to better handle life's daily stressors. An improved ability to handle stress results in lower risk for anxiety, depression, and even suicide," said White.

Visit, or the Apple or Google Play stores to download the Joyages app, available for free during the month of September.

About Joyages

Joyages is offered by ACAP HealthWorks, a national leader in employer healthcare expense reduction offering a stark difference from traditional wellness companies. ACAP believes employers play a vital role in employee health and, by upgrading employee health, employers can upgrade the health of their business. ACAP provides programs that have been clinically proven to help employees become healthier and reduce overall healthcare expense. While most programs waste time and money by measuring participation alone, ACAP offers guaranteed solutions with clinical results you can measure. ACAP offers a range of solutions for employers and health insurers to offer to their covered members, including the industry-leading Naturally Slim® program. Find out more by visiting

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