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New Insights on an Ancient Disease and Evidence of Effective Therapy

CHARLOTTESVILLE, Va., March 21, 2019 /PRNewswire/ -- AMPEL BioSolutions, a leading data science and technology research firm based in Charlottesville, VA today announced the publication of new data in Rheumatology providing additional insights into the clinical impact of advanced chronic gout and also supporting the effectiveness of Pegloticase (KRYSTEXXA, Horizon Pharma) in patients with long-standing Gout. Co-authored by AMPEL Co-Founder Dr. Peter Lipsky, the article demonstrates that long-standing or advanced gout can be divided into groups of subjects with evidence of subcutaneous deposition of urate crystals, called tophi, and those who do not have clinical evidence of these deposits. The new findings show that the presence of tophi is a surrogate for more severe disease with more tender and swollen joints and a worse health related quality of life. In addition, patients with gout and tophi are more likely to have decreased kidney function, an indication of the impact of increased urate on the function of other organs besides the joints. Importantly for patients with gout, the new findings also indicated that Pegloticase treatment resulted in significant clinical improvement regardless of the presence of tophi. The full publication is here.

Gout, an ancient disease and the most common form of inflammatory arthritis in the US, affects more than 8 million people. Gout is caused by the deposition of urate crystals into tissues. These deposits cause painful joint swelling, the principal feature of gout. "The new findings confirm the widespread impact of urate deposition on the body and indicate that the presence of subcutaneous deposits of urate may be a surrogate to identify subjects with more severe disease," said Dr Lipsky, an author of the paper and member of the International Gout Study Group. "The good news for patients with gout is that pegloticase offers substantial clinical benefit in people with chronic or advanced gout regardless of the presence of tophi."

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