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Nanit Unveils New Data Showing that Babies of Parents Who Use the Nanit Insights Service, Sleep Longer and Better

NEW YORK, March 1, 2019 /PRNewswire/ -- Today's parents lose an average of three hours of sleep per night during the first year of a child's life. New data from Nanit, the company behind the most advanced smart baby monitor and sleep tracker ever developed, shows that babies of parents that use Nanit Insights sleep longer, more independently and fall asleep earlier in the evening than those without the smart monitor and Insights sleep tracking service.

Researchers and clinicians recognize the benefits of sleep for babies and their families, maintaining that sleep is a vital catalyst in children's development and that poor sleep in infants has been linked to health-related issues including obesity, ADHD and sleep apnea. To help combat this issue, Nanit developed an award-winning smart monitor and sleep tracker that uses computer vision and machine learning to put your baby's sleep development in your hands.

To coincide with Baby Sleep Day, a day that brings attention to the importance of sleep for all young children and their families, Nanit has introduced a new one-year Insights plan that features 7-days of video history, sleep tracking, personalized sleep coaching, daily sleep dashboard, time-lapse video summaries and more - included with all newly activated Nanit Plus cameras.

After analyzing data from more than 6,000 babies across the U.S. (age 1 month – 11 months) for a six-month period, Nanit compared its initial findings to the National Sleep Foundation (NSF) Sleep in America Poll, showing that:

  • Nanit Insights babies are more independent sleepers and less likely to need help and attention at night. In fact, 29% of babies according to NSF need no parental help, while 34% of babies whose parents use Nanit Insights need no help at night.
  • On average, babies of parents who use Nanit Insights sleep 10% longer per night for babies 11 months & younger.
  • Babies of parents who use Nanit Insights go to bed earlier. On average, a Nanit baby's bedtime is 7:50pm while the NSF average is 9:11pm.

"Sleep is as important as nutrition and exercise for the development of young children," said, Dr. Natalie Barnett, pediatric sleep expert at Nanit. "Babies with a healthy sleep environment and sleep habits, sleep better and longer than babies with inconsistent sleep habits and it's exciting to see how the use of Nanit's technology is helping parents and their families get the sleep they need to thrive."

Dr. Assaf Glazer, co-founder & CEO at Nanit added, "Nanit was founded with the mission of helping babies and their families sleep better. As parents ourselves, we understand that you can't be the parent, the partner or the worker you want to be when you are sleep deprived. With free access to Nanit Insights, parents now have the tools to understand their baby's night and can rest easy knowing Nanit will provide the personalized guidance to help them, help their baby.  My hope is that parents see this data and incorporate changes to make sleep a priority for not only for their baby, but themselves."

Since launching in 2016, Nanit has tracked over 16 million hours of sleep, 3 million parental visits, and over 2 million morning wakeups. As a result, 94% of Nanit customers state that they have benefited from more sleep, since using the Nanit Sleep System. 

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Nanit Insights supercharges your Nanit camera by transforming the camera into a world-class sleep guru. Through Nanit's advanced computer vision and machine learning technology, Insights users receive baby sleep tracking and analysis, personalized sleep coaching, time-lapse video summaries every morning and evening, age-based comparisons, real-time activity feed and more.

Founded in New York City by a tight-knit team of scientists, parents, engineers and designers, Nanit's mission is to use technology, science and data to create innovative products that are safer and smarter, for parents and babies everywhere. Named by Fast Company as one of the Most Innovative Companies of 2019, Nanit combines computer vision, machine learning and advanced camera sensors that measure a baby's sleep cycle and breathing motion, to provide actionable insights that lead to healthier, improved sleep for the baby and the entire family. Nanit's award-winning products are available at national retailers in the U.S. and Canada including buybuy BABY, Best Buy, Crate & Kids, Babies "R" Us Canada, Pottery Barn Kids, Amazon, and on  For more information, please visit or follow @getnanit on Facebook/Twitter and @get_nanit on Instagram.

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