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MutantDx Raises the Bar for Early Cancer Detection

GREENSBORO, N.C., July 16, 2019 /PRNewswire/ -- MutantDx announces the awarding of patents for their ultra-sensitive Liquid Biopsy technology by the United States and European Patent Offices. This technology can identify and confirm the minute amounts of DNA cancer mutations liberated into the blood stream, while virtually eliminating false positive and false negative results. "Compared to status quo, this novel platform technology overcomes three major technical barriers: detection of cancer markers on residual circulating DNA fragments (size ~30 bp), detection at very low copy number (in femtograms), and detection that is independent of the position of the mutation locus on the DNA fragment," says Dr. Thurai Moorthy, Chief Scientific Officer. He further adds, "The ability to confidently detect target mutations among the residual fragments compensates for the unavoidable continuous degradation of DNA fragments in the blood stream and makes delay in sample transportation less critical. This will allow access to early cancer screening for people living outside urban areas."

Dr. Roger Hodkinson, Medical Director, notes, "Cancer is unfortunately often detected too late for cure, and early detection is the key to successful treatment outcomes. These include monitoring malignancy for early recurrence, and detection of potential resistance of clonal variants so that targeted therapy can be changed." He further added, "With accelerating interest in screening the asymptomatic population, a simple blood sample offers great convenience. However, any Liquid Biopsy screening assay must also have superior safeguards in place to avoid false positive/negative results causing unnecessary anxiety."

With a growing portfolio of patents, MutantDx is now licensing its Liquid Biopsy technologies to companies that wish to develop blood tests for the earliest possible detection of cancer.

About MutantDx
MutantDx ( is a molecular diagnostics company that specializes in developing platform technologies to meet clinical expectations for the detection, treatment, and monitoring of cancer. Presently, the company has twelve platform patents from which appropriate applications are drawn to develop specific multiplexed assays for solid tumors, the Liquid Biopsy and Check Point inhibitors.

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