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MHIB Global Inc. Announces Endorsement by Mood Disorders Society of Canada for Its Program ‘Mental Health in a Box,’ an On-Line Workplace Mental Health Solution for Organizations and Their Employees

TORONTO, March 01, 2018 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) -- MHIB Global Inc. is pleased to announce the endorsement by Mood Disorders Society of Canada of Mental Health in a Box, its on-line, workplace mental health program. 

Mental Health in a Box helps organizations of all sizes and environments get started with a mental health initiative for their employees.

“We’re thrilled to receive the support of Mood Disorders Society of Canada for our program.  We believe it will provide organizations with the confidence in knowing that a packaged solution is readily available for them to get started,” stated Joseph Ricciuti, Chair of MHIB Global.

Organizations benefit by equipping employees with tools to build a psychologically safe and healthy work environment.  Mental Health in a Box can help reduce stigma, improve managers' skills, assist with early identification of mental health issues and allow for faster access to mental health care, when needed.

Mental Health in a Box includes five essential pieces to support an organization’s mental health initiative:

  • A knowledge survey to measure employee awareness and knowledge of what mental ill health is and is not
  • A mental health e-learning program for employees and managers that comes with an official certificate of completion
  • An on-going forum for people managers to pose questions and receive support for workplace mental health issues
  • A mental health risk assessment tool supported by Mood Disorders Association of Ontario
  • A virtual medical clinic service through EQ Care to improve access to specialty care and treatment  

“Workplace mental health is a leading risk factor for employers from both a legal and business cost perspective. Mental Health in a Box offers organizations a solution to mitigate those risks and protect the well-being of its employees. We’re excited to have brought this program to the market and we’re very pleased by this recent endorsement by Mood Disorders Society of Canada,” stated Bill Vito, President of MHIB Global Inc.

Stated Julie Holden, Executive Vice President at MHIB Global Inc., “MHIB Global Inc. and Mood Disorders Society of Canada have areas of joint interest in working to improve the mental health of organizations and their employees.  We’re excited to have this endorsement of our program by such a leading mental health organization in Canada.”

Dave Gallson, the National Executive Director of the Mood Disorders Society of Canada said, “After close examination of the Mental Health in a Box program, it was clear to us that it would provide outstanding resources and support for employees and employers in the workplace.  This program allows individuals to assess current knowledge in the workplace and provides learning and instruction to address mental health issues and needs.”
About MHIB Global Inc.

MHIB Global Inc. is a corporation based in Ontario.  It offers on-line workplace mental health solutions to organizations globally.

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Julie Holden

Joseph Ricciuti

About Mood Disorders Society of Canada
MDSC is a national, not-for-profit, consumer-driven, voluntary health charity committed to ensuring that the voices of consumers, family members and caregivers are heard on issues relating to mental health and mental illness; and in particular, with regard to PTSD, depression, bipolar illness and other associated mood disorders. MDSC is working on raising the awareness of mood disorders as treatable medical disorders and eliminating barriers to full community participation by reducing discrimination and stigma among the public, treatment and service providers, and governments. For more information visit

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