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Koios Launches New Products, Expands Distribution & Begins Clinical Trials in the Functional Food & Beverage Space - CFN Media

SEATTLE, Aug. 14, 2018 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) -- CFN Media Group (“CFN Media”), the leading agency and financial media network dedicated to the North American cannabis industry, today announced publication of an article covering Koios Beverage Corp. (CSE:KBEV) (OTC Pink:SNOVF). Koios is a functional food and beverage company focused on cognitive enhancements. In addition to these products, the company recently announced that it’s developing a cannabis-infused beverage that could deliver the benefits of cannabinoids in the form of an enjoyable beverage. Investors may want to take a closer look at the company as it launches new products and gears up for commercialization.

The global nutraceutical market is projected to reach more than US$300 billion by 2024, according to Zion Market Research, driven by consumers taking a more active role in their health. Functional food and beverages that provide health benefits and enjoyment are one of the fastest growing segments of that market. Investors looking for exposure may want to consider small-cap companies on the verge of scaling up their operations.

New Product Launches

Koios Beverage has been working with the best food scientists in the United States on developing new formulations of its functional cognitive-enhancing beverages. After more than four years of research and development, in late July the company launched the first product to leverage the new formulation — a Pear Guava taste profile and a proprietary blend of nootropics and superfoods, including Lion’s Mane Mushroom.

“This product has taken more than four years of trial and error to ensure efficacy, and to perfect the flavor,” said CEO Chris Miller, who founded the company in part due to his own struggles with attention deficit hyperactivity disorder, or ADHD. “Combining these two elements is incredibly difficult and we are confident that with this new line, we have delivered a product that not only tastes great, but has incredible health benefits to consumers.”

The company intends to launch several new flavors over the near-term, including Peach Mango, Blood Orange, Apricot Vanilla, and Berry Genius. In addition to these beverages, the company also offers powder products that pack three times the active ingredients of the drinks per serving. These products could be appealing to individuals that wish to mix the active ingredients into smoothies or their own drinks.

Expanding Distribution

Koios Beverage has built an impressive distribution footprint in the United States, with products appearing in Europa Sports, Muscle Foods USA, KeHE, and Amazon’s Wishing-U-Well, as well as through its own ecommerce website. But, the company's ambitions aren’t limited to the United States — the company hopes to eventually launch its products to a global audience over the coming quarters.

In early-July, the company took a big step forward in expanding its distribution on a global scale with the launch of direct shipping to Canada. Canadian consumers had been reaching out for some time to the company, seeking to purchase its products, according to the company’s press release. That demand led to the decision to add functionality to their ecommerce website, enabling Canadians to purchase products and have them shipped directly to Canada.

“The idea of using nootropic supplements to help boost focus and mental acuity has been catching on with people around the world, not just the United States,” said Mr. Miller. “We have particularly been seeing increased demand for our products in Canada, and are happy to be able to now meet that demand with our global shipping program. Our mission is to bring the benefits of nootropic supplements to the world.”

Clinical Trials Underway

There are thousands of different companies with nootropic products designed to improve cognitive performance, but there’s one thing that distinguishes the proverbial snake oil salespeople from the experts in cognitive enhancement — clinical research.

Koios Beverage has an agreement with NeuraPerformance/Neuroptimize Brain Center to perform full clinical brain scans on its users to assess and quantify the cognitive performance impact. The go-to brain lab and physiotherapy clinic has been a top choice for elite athletes in Colorado, including the Denver Broncos, and they specialize in brain mapping, brainwave optimization, enhancing sports performance, and baseline concussion testing and treatment.

“Not only will this clinical trial differentiate our product formulation, but the data collected will pave the way to creating better technologies within our portfolio, and fulfilling our mission of creating one of the most functional organic products that support and enhance brain health and performance,” said Mr. Miller.

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