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Kastner North America Brings Creativity & Action For Alzheimer's Awareness Month

LOS ANGELES, Nov. 18, 2019 /PRNewswire/ -- Los Angeles advertising agency, Kastner North America, widely known in the industry for its innovative campaigns, announced today a concept more impactful and endearing than any client win or new campaign—the creation and release of Beautiful Minds: The Art of Fighting Alzheimer's, a coloring book dedicated to those suffering from Alzheimer's Disease. Kastner is partnering with National Alzheimer's Foundation to distribute a portion of Beautiful Minds to its community. The coloring book, completely free of charge, is meant as a form of expression for those suffering from Alzheimer's who have difficulty communicating verbally. Beautiful Minds is available now available.

By 2050, it's estimated there will be as many as 16 million Americans living with Alzheimer's (SOURCE: Alzheimer's Association). With this research in mind, Kastner wanted to support the efforts in Alzheimer's Awareness through its creative abilities. Known throughout the ad community that sketches upon sketches are produced for the perfect pitch…most of them hit the cutting room floor. Kastner re-purposed 40 of its unused, uncolored drawings to create Beautiful Minds for Alzheimer's patients. Research has shown that Alzheimer's patients can use coloring as a form of expression and it can aid in the improvement of memory loss and impairment of motor skills.

"At Kastner, we look at the world differently…we look at our work differently. Day after day we use our creative abilities to tell stories and shape culture. Despite our best efforts, some of our drawings never make the cut. We call it: creative surplus. So, one day, we thought 'wouldn't it be cool if we can turn our creative surplus into something with purpose?' That's when we went to the cutting room floor and came up with a handful of unused and colored drawings," said Kastner's Creative Director Simone Nobili. "We have a passion to make a difference in the ad world and now an opportunity to share our creative talents with Alzheimer's patients. It's a truly humbling experience."

Beautiful Minds: The Art of Fighting Alzheimer's is meant to help people who suffer from Alzheimer's to ease agitation, quell aggression, and help memory function. For more information on Kastner visit and to receive a free copy of Beautiful Minds please e-mail

About Kastner:
On paper, Kastner is a full-service, independent, global ad agency with offices in LA, Milan, Budapest, Madrid, London and Frankfurt. At heart, Kastner is a group of individuals who don't abide by the status quo. Creative misfits who put their storytelling powers to use in creating culture every day. Among many high-profile clients, the agency co-created one of the most iconic brands of the 21st century, expanding Red Bull from an energy beverage company to a global media company with a relationship that's spanned 30 years.

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