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It's Time to Brain Better: RB Launches Neuriva(TM), a Dietary Supplement and Holistic Approach to Support Brain Health

PARSIPPANY, N.J., April 24, 2019 /PRNewswire/ -- RB, global producer of popular consumer health, hygiene and home products, today announces the launch of Neuriva™ – a science-backed dietary supplement and complementary digital training and support program. With new poll results showing that Americans nearly unanimously agree that brain performance impacts some aspect of their lives, and more than half saying it would have a positive impact on their emotional wellbeing, self-esteem and happiness, Neuriva offers a holistic approach for people at all stages of life.

"As the most complex organ of the body, the brain requires an integrated health approach. We're proud to offer a new product that does just that. Neuriva's ingredients are supported by clinical studies and the scientifically-validated cognitive stimulation program will help consumers keep their brains at the center of their wellness routines," said Dirk Hondmann, Ph.D., Chief Scientific Officer at RB. "But this is just the beginning – the team is committed to continuing to advance the education and science even further."

Neuriva includes two natural and GMO-free ingredients – Neurofactor and Plant-sourced Sharp Phosphatidylserine (PS) – that are clinically proven to fuel five indicators of brain performance, including accuracy, concentration, focus, learning and memory. Neurofactor, which is made from the nutrient-rich fruit of the coffee cherry, supports the production of brain-derived neurotrophic factor (BDNF), a key neuroprotein and biomarker for brain health that is known to play a role in the strength of the signal between neurons and support the creation of new connections. PS is a lipid that is key to supporting cell function in the brain, as it impacts the brain's structure and signal system. Studies have revealed PS's contributions to cognitive function in individuals of various age groups.

"With brain health being top of mind for so many, we are proud to offer a beyond-the-pill approach, including a breakthrough supplement with clinically proven ingredients and an app that helps assess, train and monitor brain performance," said Gregory Chabidon, General Manager of the Vitamins, Minerals and Supplements Business Unit at RB. "We've made it our mission to help consumers achieve more brain victories, more often, and with Neuriva we offer an innovative solution that puts brain health into their hands."

The Neuriva Brain Gym app offers a customized brain training experience, using personal assessments to identify specific cognitive improvement areas. It then selects from 14 brain games and five training programs based on individual needs. The app also includes insights and analyses on scores, tracking cognitive fitness progression in tandem with the supplementation, and benchmarking against other users.

To help educate and empower the public about brain health, RB has tapped a network of multidisciplinary, reputable experts in nutrition and brain health. The group consists of physicians, researchers, dietitians and holistic chefs who plan to offer ongoing support and resources, from simple tips to brain-healthy recipes. As part of its efforts, the group will also help identify opportunities for new research to better understand the role of vital nutrients in the brain.

"Most people don't realize that there are relatively simple things they can do that can have a big impact today and down the road," said Nigel Denby, RD, author and Brain Health Network member. "It's exciting to see the type of holistic support that Neuriva is offering, and I'm hopeful it will help a lot of people take better care of their brains."

Neuriva is available in trusted national retailers in stores and online. To learn more about Neuriva and the Brain Gym app, visit

About Neuriva
Named from the Greek word for 'Brain' and the Latin word for 'Life,' Neuriva combines the best of science and nature to help brains brain better. Neuriva is more than a supplement; it's a brain-healthy lifestyle. Its holistic approach incorporates an ecosystem of digital assessments, brain-sharpening exercises and education. Because when your brain wins, you win.

About RB
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