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Innovative Startup Launches Wearable that Focuses on Involuntary Leg Bouncing Movements, ADHD and RLS

NORMAN, Okla., Nov. 7, 2019 /PRNewswire/ -- Leg bouncing habit is an involuntary leg movement that can be distracting for us and for people around us in working environments or at home. It is usually an expression of nervousness and stress, as well as it may be an indication of ADHD and RLS.  A survey conducted confirmed that more than 91% people bounce their leg on a daily basis. The good news is that this problem is being addressed with innovative Omni wearable, developed by FocusBack, this is a device that you put in pocket and stop worrying about leg bouncing.

"My family would always be annoyed by my bouncing legs," explained FocusBack founder Kristian Babic, Sophomore at the University of Oklahoma. "Then it started bothering me as well, and I decided to implement a solution for myself and all the others who might find leg bouncing distracting. Extensive research of this topic helped to find leg bouncing patterns in ADHD and RLS, and FocusBack has developed methods that will significantly contribute both to patients with mentioned syndromes and doctors treating them."

The idea caught an early attention from the University of Oklahoma by supporting it with over $15,000 to conduct proper research and bring Omni to reality. Now when the product is ready, FocusBack is preparing for an official launch into the market regarding that this product is a game changer and that nothing like this has been created before.

Omni wearable tracks leg movements through the day, automatically picking up on patterns of leg bouncing and activity peaks. Whenever sensors detect high volume of leg bouncing, Omni sends a feedback in a form of notification to your phone/watch as a reminder to stop bouncing. Movement data is collected and graphically visualized on phone application so users can track and evaluate their progress over time.

Besides eliminating leg bouncing habit, FocusBack is expanding its' area of operations in ADHD and RLS health industries where the focus is further analysis and clearer visualization of Omni's data collected by patients in order to address their stress/anxiety peaks which leads to proper and less expensive therapies. "Therapy prescription procedure gets way more effective when doctors have good understanding of activity data timeline of their patients," says Kristian. "Instead of taking five pills throughout the whole day, taking only one at the precisely known time can make an enormous difference."

FocusBack provides an opportunity for individual outreach as much as possible; keeping people mindful about leg bouncing and consequently about the company. "Track sales, grab discounts, and get incentives!" The opportunity for ambassadors is opened to distribute note cards with effective messages in daily environments. Each ambassador is assigned with an affiliate code printed on the back so they can collect the revenue gained from sales being made from customers using the particular ambassadors' code.

After a great deal of research and development, FocusBack came into being and now the company has sent out the call for investors to help Omni wearable launch to market and help change many lives for the better.

* Omni is patent protected.

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