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Innovative Express Care Opens Dedicated Ketamine Clinic to Meet Patient Demand

CHICAGO, May 29, 2019 /PRNewswire/ -- Patients grappling with long-term depression are demanding alternatives to benzodiazepine drugs which often only partially address, or temporarily address, their symptoms. Ketamine, a drug that has been used as a safe and effective anesthetic since the 1960s, is emerging as a depression treatment that a rapidly growing number of patients are pursuing as they aim to improve their quality of life and better manage their depression. Innovative Express Care, a trusted primary care practice in Lincoln Park, has been offering Ketamine infusions for depression and chronic pain patients since early 2018 with great success. To meet patient demand, the medical practice has opened a dedicated Ketamine clinic, Innovative Ketamine, at 3221 N. Sheffield Avenue in Chicago.

"Patients suffering from long-term depression report having a dark cloud hovering over them, with unnecessary weight on their shoulders, that plagues their daily activities," said Rahul Khare, MD, president and founder of Innovative Express Care. "The impact to their quality of life is significant, often resulting in challenges with employers and personal relationships. Ketamine has emerged as a remarkable treatment to control these symptoms."

The off-label use of Ketamine for the treatment of depression involves a series of six infusions in the first two weeks, followed by maintenance infusions, most commonly administered every six weeks. An estimated 75 percent of patients who try Ketamine are able to achieve symptom relief, but the innovative treatment option is not widely available at this time. Khare was one of the first physicians in Chicago to offer Ketamine infusions for depression and he is pleased to be expanding his practice to allow more patients to be treated.

"It's important that we as physicians look past the pharmaceuticals that we have become accustomed to prescribing, and seek alternatives that can achieve results with fewer side-effects. Ketamine shows great promise in this area," said Khare.

Ketamine infusions have the potential to help patients suffering from a variety of conditions, including PTSD, severe depression, anxiety and chronic pain. Since Innovative Express Care began offering Ketamine infusions in early 2018, demand for the service has more than tripled. Patients say it's a game changer and experts agree. Ketamine provides fast relief for patients and has the potential to help lower the suicide rate in the United States. Unlike pharmaceuticals that must build in the system for weeks to months before they become fully effective, Ketamine works almost instantly. Many patients experience some relief after just one treatment, but a series of six is the standard protocol for depression.

Patients interested in Ketamine injections must first be evaluated by a physician. Insurance is accepted for this appointment, as well as the physician visit portion of subsequent appointments. Because Ketamine is not yet FDA approved for the treatment of depression and chronic pain, the infusion itself is not covered by insurance. Patients are closely monitored during Ketamine infusions so clinicians can address any rare, but possible side effects such as visual disturbances or elevated blood pressure. Following the infusion series, most patients will feel well for one to two months, but some may experience relief for up to six months. Single booster injections are offered to achieve symptom relief once the series has worn off. A Ketamine nasal spray can also extend the length of time between infusions.

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