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Improve Your Golf Game With Movement Orthopedics

CLINTON TOWNSHIP, Mich., March 5, 2019 /PRNewswire/ -- Dr. Jeffrey Carroll and the physical therapy department at Movement Orthopedics is proud to announce a golf focused evaluation and treatment program to improve your golf game.  Our Titleist Performance Institute (TPI) certified medical experts can help to diagnose and treat physical conditions that may be limiting your golf swing. 

Dr. Carroll and the physical therapists at Movement Orthopedics use advanced screening to pinpoint and create a plan to find and attack injuries, they also provide rehabilitation for injured golfers of all levels.

Dr. Carroll explains that, "We use the highly acclaimed golf fitness performance program by Titleist Performance Institute (TPI).  TPI's program was the accumulation of twelve years of research studying the greatest golfers in the world, seeing how their bodies affect their golf swings. Factors like strength, flexibility, balance, endurance, nutrition, stability, power, vision, and posture all influence the body's mechanics. The TPI Training and Certification gives us a comprehensive set of tools to perform a full evaluation of your body. We can then work with a golf instructor to help you build a more repeatable and efficient golf swing."

Dr. Carroll is a board certified orthopedic surgeon.  He has found that traditional teaching methods are mostly ineffective because of the disconnect between the instruction given and physical capabilities of the golfer. This is especially true with golfers who have had hip, knee or shoulder surgery.  There has long been a need for students to not only understand what is inefficient about their golf swing, but the corrective measures needed to make significant and permanent change.

Our packages include several key features:

  • Identify the issues and physical limitation;
  • Design fitness and swing programs to make the appropriate changes;
  • Promote proper practicing of the desired motion in an environment that will offer feedback as to whether they are performing the prescribed programs correctly.

The Movement Golf Performance program includes one of the most technologically advanced golf evaluation facilities in Michigan focusing on body mechanics.  We also offer K-vest and Speed Stick programs. For a free screening call 586-488-2440 or visit

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