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Hi-Tech Pharmaceuticals Introduces Highest Bioavailable Turmeric and Curcuminoid product on the Market - Turmeric 95(TM)!

NORCROSS, Ga., June 6, 2019 /PRNewswire/ -- Hi-Tech Pharmaceuticals Turmeric 95™ is set to turn the turmeric market on its head!  Turmeric 95™ is an enhanced form of curcumin that's clinically proven to increase overall absorption of total curcuminoids over standard curcumin and is shown to be significantly more bioavailable than other forms on the market. Curcuminoids are extremely powerful phytonutrients that give turmeric its yellow hue and offer a myriad of health benefits. Curcumin supports a healthy, normal inflammatory response; promotes joint and heart health; and provides powerful antioxidant protection.*

Hi-Tech Turmeric 95™  is produced with a proprietary Cyclosome™ delivery system that is cutting-edge technology, a unique delivery method that highly increases the bioavailability of compounds, including curcumin, that are usually difficult for the body to absorb. Each serving of Hi-Tech Turmeric 95™ provides 475 mg of enhanced absorption curcuminoids. Unlock the health benefits of the highest bioavailable curcuminoids on the market with Hi-Tech Turmeric 95™ with proprietary Cyclosome™ technology.

The last few years, consumers have increasingly purchased turmeric supplements based on a multitude of reported benefits. Today most turmeric supplements with products composed of 95 percent curcumin, the most active ingredient in turmeric. There is an abundance of science backing these benefits often indicates life-changing benefits for people wanting help to support healthy joints and mobility*.

However, to work well orally, Hi-Tech found turmeric or curcumin needs to be absorbed effectively by the digestive tract. Hi-Tech's R&D team ultimately purchased and tried dozens of turmeric supplement brands, and, while a few showed positive results at their recommended dosages, none delivered the benefits the R&D staff had expected. The reason, Hi-Tech's R&D staff discovered, rested with poor bioavailability.

Curcumin is hydrophobic and resistant to absorption in the bloodstream when taken orally; nearly all curcumin found in natural turmeric powder (approximately 95-97 percent) passes ineffectively through the body. Hi-Tech's R&D team worked tirelessly to find a better way to achieve absorption.

A typical curcumin capsule or powder if poured in a glass of water will see the contents just float on top of the water. Hi-Tech's first order of business was to Micronized our Turmeric 95% Curcuminoids, which dissolved instantly in water. That's how much a difference particle size makes.

The next battle faced by Hi-Tech was that of adulteration. Trust and transparency are essential to the success of turmeric and curcumin-based products. Hi-Tech has taken numerous steps to ensure high-quality turmeric in the marketplace.  To certify 100% turmeric in Hi-Tech's Turmeric 95™, the company has developed a multistep approach which incorporates both USP and AOAC validated methods for specific compound identification.  In addition, Hi-Tech then conducts isotope testing to ensure no synthetic substances have been introduced in the raw material.

According to the latest market report published by Transparency Market Research, titled 'Curcumin Market: Global Industry Analysis 2018-2026', the revenue generated from curcumin has been estimated to be valued over US$ 282.2 Million in 2018, which is projected to increase to US$ 465.8 Million, at a CAGR of 6.5% during the forecast period (2018-2026).

The next step Hi-Tech's R&D took was looking at bioavailability enhancers already being utilized. As with most, if not all, nutrients, absorption plays a vital role in overall effectiveness. Without complete absorption, dietary ingredients cannot produce their full benefits. Hi-Tech's R&D team decided to include Bioperine®, a proprietary formula of black pepper extract that has been scientifically shown to enhance absorption of turmeric. Results from a cornerstone trial found that Bioperine® increases turmeric absorption by up to 2000% alone!

Other companies have utilized patented delivery form of curcumin using soy lecithin formulated in a 1:2 weight ratio. Then two parts of microcrystalline cellulose are then added to improve flowability, with an overall content of curcumin of in the final product of around 20%. Commercial curcumin is a mixture of three curcuminoids, monomolecular curcumin, demethoxycurcumin, and bisdemethoxycurcumin, in a ca. 75:15:10 ratio. In a comparative pharmacokinetic study in humans, the absorption of each single curcuminoid present in commercial curumin was compared of this patented technology The overall increase of curcuminoid absorption was ca. 29-fold. The increase of curcuminoid absorption was ca 20-fold for monomolecular curcumin, but 50 to 60 fold higher for demethoxycurcumin and bisdemethoxycurcumin, with demethoxycurcumin, and not curcumin, being the major plasma curcuminoid with both dosages of all commercial turmeric extracts. Remarkably, demethoxycurcumin is more potent than curcumin in many assays. The problem with this technology was it only has 20% curcuminoids. But the science was sound so we decided to expand upon it as we did with Bioperine® !

Hi-Tech researchers then went to work to utilize its proprietary Cyclosome™ technology that has been so effective with other herbal extracts and Hi-Tech's DHEA hormone line of products to complete production of Turmeric 95™ !  Hi-Tech Cyclosome™ technology - the most advanced oral administration technology ever developed is the answer to getting poorly absorbed compounds into the body efficiently and effectively! However, we did not want to deliver a 100 mg of Curcuminoid complex but 95% and were successful at doing so.

This new Cyclosome™ technology allows a form of 'Trojan Horse' to deliver the curcuminoids to the systemic circulation, circumventing first-pass inactivation in the liver for the very first time. Almost all previous oral capsules and tablets manufactured to get curcuminoids into the body miserable fail at between 95-97! By creating a safer passage through the body, namely the liver, these compounds can now be utilized by the body as they are unchanged by the first phase of the digestive process and can enter the second phase nearly complete. This "Trojan Horse" delivery system produced by this multi-million dollar investment can only be found under one umbrella of products - Hi-Tech Pharmaceuticals and its outstanding family of branded products including Turmeric 95™ !

"Until now, however, curcumin is what we call in pharmaceutical science as a 'false lead' - it is therapeutic, but the full effect can't be utilized because it's poorly soluble in water," noted Jared Wheat, Hi-Tech's CEO & Founder. "When you try to deliver a poor bioavailable herbal extract like curcumin, it requires solubility in water, otherwise it won't flow through the bloodstream," added Wheat.

"It's a combination of know enhancers, clever chemistry and micronization utilizing host guest chemistry," Wheat explained. "We know that a Curcuminoids will bind to a certain 'host molecule' if the proper pocket is present. We have shown here that our cyclodextrin complex attracts curcumin, which gets bound and comes off once it gets delivered to the cell. That is the key to demonstrating the effectiveness of the bioavailibility and in solving a long-standing problem with curcumin's insolubility."

"In order to make it available to the system, it was necessary to put curcumin in a larger complex where it can be soluble in water," Wheat said. "This complex has a very unique ability to take on different forms of material—from a spherical nanoparticle to longer micronized sized particles. In both cases, curcumin is present in the system, which what is important for to its bioavailability and its ability to be effective."

With the invention of Turmeric 95™ Hi-Tech has created the "gold standard" in the  curcumin market for years or decades to come!

*These statements have not been evaluated by the Food and Drug Administration. This product is not intended to diagnose, treat, cure or prevent any disease.

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