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Hi-Tech Pharmaceuticals Expands Production Capabilities in Dietary Supplement and OTC Drug Manufacturing

NORCROSS, Ga., June 10, 2019 /PRNewswire/ -- Hi-Tech Pharmaceuticals adds (5) more blenders of various sizes (from 200 cubic feet to 20 cubic feet) in order to handle a variety of customers needs; (4) 60" Thomas Engineering 60VXL tablet coating systems to increase our coating capacity for tablets; (2) Collette Hi Shear Mixers to increase our granulation capacity; and (2) Stokes 328 tablet presses to increase our ability to make more large multi-vitamin type tablets. On an annual basis prior to our addition equipment expansion, Hi-Tech Pharmaceuticals had to ability to manufacture 35 billion tablets and 10 billion capsules. Hi-Tech Pharmaceuticals can also package 500 million bottles, 250 million blister packs, and 150 million pacquettes. Hi-Tech has Four Ultramodern facilities for producing Tablets, Capsules, Liquids, Creams, RTD's, Animal Health products and powders.

Hi-Tech Pharmaceuticals is a leading global healthcare supplier that develops, manufactures and distributes over-the-counter (OTC) and prescription pharmaceuticals, nutritional products, active pharmaceutical ingredients (API) and consumer products with customers throughout the world. The company maintains one of the industry's broadest and highest quality product portfolios, which is regularly bolstered by an innovative and robust product pipeline. Hi-Tech Pharmaceuticals has attained leading positions in key international markets through its wide array of dosage forms and delivery systems, significant manufacturing capacity, global commercial scale and a committed focus on quality and customer service. The company has among the largest capacity of U.S.-based manufacturers.

Since 1979, Hi-Tech Pharmaceuticals has been providing quality custom manufacturing services to the pharmaceutical, dietary supplement and beverage industries. Hi-Tech Pharmaceuticals is a cGMP certified company that operates out of Four (4) US facilities and multiple warehouses, totally over 600,000 sq. ft., both located outside Atlanta, Georgia in the Norcross and Suwanee Advanced Technology areas. Hi-Tech also has Two (2) facilities located outside State College, Pennsylvania. Hi-Tech holds a Drug Manufacturing License issued by the State of Pennsylvania Food and Drug Branch and is registered as a Food and Drug Establishment with the FDA in both Georgia and Pennsylvania.

Hi-Tech Quality

Our new 13,000 sq. ft. Science Center includes all new state-of-the-art formulation development, QC laboratories and a pilot scale manufacturing operation. The Science Center offers a complete range of drug development services, analytical methods development, methods and process validation, ANDA/NDA product submissions, suitability petitions, raw material and finished product stability testing. Our well trained staff understands the importance of speed, accuracy, and responsiveness. We provide all the resources necessary to take your product from formulation development to commercial production.


Hi-Tech Pharmaceuticals has several style mixers to accommodate custom blending requirements. The variety of mixers available allows Hi-Tech the flexibility to process high and low capacity batch sizes. All material is passed through a screen as it is loaded into the blender to ensure that no foreign material or objects are introduced to the mixture. Hi-Tech utilizes a novel auger/screw blender, which reduces your standard deviation to within a fraction of a percent. As a result, you can expect the most uniformed and thorough blending throughout Hi-Tech's wide range of capacities and features.

Hi-Tech has (17) Blenders that are capable of producing over 1 million pounds per month. From giant 150 and 200 cubic feet Double Cone Blenders to a  (1) Patterson Kelley 20,40,75, and100 Cubic Foot Twin Shell "V" Blender;  (3) Patterson Kelley 60 Cubic Foot Twin Shell "V" Blenders; and (2) Reitz 150 Cubic Foot Twin Screw Blender capable of blending 6,000 LB per batch, (1) Mepaco 136 Cubic Foot Twin Screw Blender capable of blending 5,000 LB per batch, (3) Mepaco/Reitz 60-66 Cubic Foot Twin Screw Blenders capable of blending 2,000-2,500 LB per batch, (1) Mepaco 30 Cubic Foot Twin Screw Blenders capable of blending 1,000 LB per batch, (1) Mepaco 12 Cubic Foot Twin Screw Blenders capable of blending 400 LB per batch


Hi-Tech has (45) tablet presses that are capable of producing 35 Billion Tablets annually. The workhorse (35) station tablet presses run constantly and will compress most any dietary supplement. All our work station presses were new or purchased from major pharmaceutical companies and produce precise and consistent tablets. Hi-Tech offers both B and D tooling equipment. An example of some of our tablet presses below.

  • (1) Manesty Elite 800 75 station press which will run 800,000 tablets per hour and will also run bi-layer and osmotic bi-layer tablets; (5) Kilian Rx 55 and 67 which will run 520,000 tablets per hour and run bi-layer tablets;  (4) Stokes 551 tablet presses which produce 250,000 tablets per hour each; (21) Stokes BB2 35 station presses; (6) Manesty 16 station Beta Presses; (5) Stokes 328 tablet presses(D tooling); (1) Cadmach CPD-IV 45 station tablet press (D tooling); (1) Stokes 23 station DD2 20 ton "Slugger" that will make up to a 10 gram tablet;(1) Kilian RUD / (2) Manesty Unipress 20 D tooling presses and (2) Cadmach 26 CTX D tooling presses


Hi-Tech Pharmaceuticals facility is equipped with (18) high-speed automatic and (5) semi-automatic encapsulating machines with capabilities to produce two-piece hard shell gelatin, liquid capsules, and vegetarian capsules in sizes including 0, 00, and 1-4 sizes. The fully automatic machines can produce at a high rate of production per hour to offer a high yield capacity per shift.

Annual Capsule Capacity 10 Billion Capsules

  • (3) MG2 37N capsule filler and (1) MG 120 capsule fillers; (8) Bosch/Index 1500 capsule fillers that are Hi-Tech's workhorses and will run 90,000 per hour each; (1) MG2 60 capsule filler; (3) MG2 Futura capsule fillers (7) Zanasi 40 capsule fillers. Hi-Tech also has one Zanasi that has a liquid filling head to do liquid capsules, and another that is set up to do pellets. Hi-Tech also has (1) Index 40 liquid capsule filler.

Energy Shots and Liquids

If you are searching for a company that can help you privately label your own line of flavor-packed energy shots or liquid condition-specific formulas, look no further than Hi-Tech Pharmaceuticals. As the industry's leading energy shot manufacturer for nearly a decade, we have the knowledge, experience and resources necessary to create a winning product for you! We have high speed shot lines that will produce 400 shots per minute or 500,000 shots per day per line! We can produce, bottle, and package a wide variety of beverages, including private label water, teas, fruit juices, flavored waters, sports nutrition drinks, liquid vitamins, protein based products, vitamin waters, and much more. All you need is an idea. We'll do the rest.


Hi-Tech Pharmaceuticals is a one-stop-shop providing a full-range of services from concept, research and development, manufacturing, blending, instantizing, and packaging in a wide variety of formats including pouches, jars, stick packs and pails. Hi-Tech also manufactures dairy and vegetable proteins, nutritional powders, and sports supplements. Its customers include makers of the nation's top-selling branded food and beverage products.

 Hi-Tech has (6) Dual head AMS high speed automatic filling lines for powders and also has (1) Bartelt pouch machine and (3) Enflex powder machines, which is one of the most successful packing machines thanks to its flexibility and great productivity. Special attention has been paid to the design of its components with regard to easy handling low maintenance costs, incorporating pressure regulation systems independent from the sealing clamps, foldable upper sealing, etc.

If you are looking for a 1 stop manufacturer to handle any size job, Hi-Tech Pharmaceuticals is a cGMP manufacturer that can help from concept to reality.

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