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Grown Rogue Going Multi-State with Winning Functional Branding for Trusted Cannabis Experiences -- CFN Media

Seattle, WA, Aug. 03, 2018 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) -- CFN Media Group (“CFN Media”), the leading agency and financial media network dedicated to the North American cannabis industry, today announced publication of an article covering Grown Rogue. The company began over ten years ago in the Rogue Valley of Oregon, one of the most well-known cannabis growing regions in the world. Today the growing health and wellness operation focuses on the unique concept of "seed to experience" products. The company utilizes their team of highly experienced cultivators, marketers, and cannabis sales people to promote the philosophy of authentic relationship with clients and customers. With a team of over 75 years of combined experience, the co-founders Obie and Sarah Strickler are achieving their goal of building the most trusted wellness and lifestyle brand by delivering precise and consistent experiences with Grown Rogue cannabis to improve customers’ quality of life.

Obie Strickler is a registered Oregon geologist with over 15 years of project management where he specializes in integrating technical experts into fully functional and cohesive teams. After realizing the need for natural pharmaceutical products in Oregon, he decided to bring those years of project development experience to bring together the Grown Rogue team and turn his company into the premier cannabis company which includes a state of the art indoor and two outdoor facilities that produces scientifically developed cannabis products. The company’s advanced growing indoor facility is comprised of eight rooms capable of producing 2,500 pounds of dried cannabis flower per year. Two outdoor cultivation farms are strategically located to produce high quality flower and excellent terpene results that provided the lowest cost highest quality feedstock for the companies growing line of derivative products. By utilizing multiple growing facilities, the company harvests quality flower every 10 to 14 days to ensure consistency and reliability. Combined, the facilities have capacity to produce 6,000 pounds annually.

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Terpenes, also known as isoprenoids, are the oils and resins secreted from the same marijuana flower glands that produce THC and CBD. Terpenes give the plant its distinctive fragrance and are used to build their signature oils and extracts. Age, climate, weather, and even time of day affect the flavor of the terpenes of which over 100 different aromas are currently identifiable. By combining these secretions with other aspects of the cannabis plant, what is known as “the entourage effect” is created. The idea behind this effect is that the scientific combination of different elements of the marijuana plant maximizes the psychoactive benefits of the cannabis to create the greatest advantage to the consumer. Grown Rogue builds on this idea to bring their customers the best products and experiences possible.

To further stand out in a quickly growing market, Grown Rogue's top shelf flower and extract products are Clean Green Certified, meaning that products are made only with natural organic practices and sustainable cultivation from seed to sale. In the United States, there are only 107 crop producers with this seal of approval. Coupled with their Clean Green guarantee is the use of the Phylos Certification which creates a detailed genetic map of the strains, cultivars, and a worldwide public database of different plant variety DNA. In a saturated market without a strict naming policy, this provides transparency to the buyer, so that they know exactly what they get when purchasing Grown Rogue cannabis goods. This is critical in order to deliver the right Experience, Every Time.

Uniquely Designed Products and “Experiences” Found Nowhere Else in the Market

Grown Rogue produces, oils, prerolls, concentrates, cannabis flower, and has recently partnered with an internationally acclaimed chocolatier to release a line of edibles this year in a strategic move to expand and diversify product offerings. The goal is to make cannabis more approachable and appealing to the consumer whether they are novices or experts by creating easily recognized experiences that provide the consumer with an exact idea of what they are going to get.

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To do this, the company has developed a unique categorization system using the ROGUE Study, that places company products into five different experience categories for medicinal and recreational use. Using data from the cannabis community, gathered through consumer research and specially designed, proprietary  algorithms, the ROGUE Study identifies consumer effects of each strain and determines the experience outcome. By doing this, Grown Rogue offers a variety of specific experiences for each product line.

This advanced study places each strain in one of five specific categories: Relax, Optimize, Groove, Uplift, and Energize spelling ROGUE. Each Grown Rogue product is placed in one of these experiences categories so that the consumer knows exactly what to select for whatever experience the consumer seeks. This survey is the root of the company’s “seed to experience” concept that aims to not only develop relationships with marketers and distributors but build a trusted brand that has a connection to customer use of the cannabis products.

Further Growth Opportunities

Grown Rogue has already planted roots in California and expects to expand to Nevada where medical and recreational marijuana is legalized and licenses are pending approval. The team is also working on licensing in coastal states for its patent-pending nitrogen sealed pre-rolls which have been heralded as the “freshest” pre-rolls on the market. Furthermore, the company is exploring opportunities for expansion into Canada either by partnering or establishing a facility which would give them international expansion abilities. Grown Rogue is currently finalizing its public listing in Canada on the Canadian Securities Exchange during the third quarter.

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