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Group K Diagnostics Expands Research Team, Updates Lab and Manufacturing Facilities

PHILADELPHIA, June 18, 2019 /PRNewswire/ -- Group K Diagnostics (GKD), a biotechnology innovator aiming to overhaul the diagnostic process for both patient and caregiver, has expanded its research team and enhanced its lab and manufacturing facilities to meet the demands of its partnerships and product development pipeline.

GKD recently hired an experienced molecular biologist to support its Research Collaboration Agreement with the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC). In order to complete the objective of the agreement, which is to design a prototype for the detection of the Zika virus that can be done at the point of care, GKD also updated its laboratory facilities to meet the more rigorous Biosafety Level 2 (BSL-2) requirements. This allows the company to safely work with the Zika virus within the space.

"Our team has consistently made strategic decisions that provided an opportunity for us to grow and innovate quickly, while delivering upon our increasingly demanding business objectives," said Russell Van Fossen, senior director of scientific operations. "The expansion of our physical space and team, along with the enhanced specialization of our laboratory facilities, will allow us to continue upon our upward trajectory and more efficiently bring innovation to the healthcare industry."

Further, GKD has witnessed a tremendous growth in the demand for its paper microfluidic diagnostic platform, the MultiNostic, and recognized the need to expand its manufacturing capabilities. To that end, the company moved its manufacturing facilities to a 1,200-square-foot space in Philadelphia, allowing output capacity to triple. Further, the company is in the process of developing an automated reagent printer that will improve production speed six-fold.

About Group K Diagnostics

Group K Diagnostics (GKD) is a biotechnology innovator aiming to overhaul the diagnostic process for both patient and caregiver. The company's microfluidic point-of-care device, the MultiNostic, is capable of delivering results in just 20 minutes with the potential for more than 40 blood tests, streamlining the logistical process historically associated with lab work, maximizing patient-care transparency and allowing physicians to adjust medical treatments in a timely manner. The MultiNostic is pending FDA approval for liver function testing, and GKD is in the process of developing a comprehensive metabolic panel test. GKD is headquartered in Philadelphia. For more information, visit

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