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The Gokhale Method Announces Wireless Charging-Enabled Gokhale SpineTracker™

Wearable device features new wireless charging capabilities to improve flexibility and efficiency in education and trainings

PALO ALTO, Calif., Sept. 17, 2018 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) -- The Gokhale Method, a health and wellness company focused on healthy posture and movement to help you restore your structural integrity and regain a pain-free life, today announced the availability of a new SpineTracker™ wearable device that can be charged wirelessly, without the need for cords. The SpineTracker consists of five small sensors that are positioned from the sacrum up the lumbar spine, and a mobile app that communicates with the sensors to show the shape of the spine in real-time, as the student moves.

The SpineTracker enhances the understanding of the concepts and techniques presented in the Gokhale Method, a practice created by Esther Gokhale that teaches people healthy posture for a pain-free life. The wearable gives students greater autonomy in judging their posture against their targets and measures their progress in class.

“Our mission at the Gokhale Method is to make back pain rare. To this end, we combine the power of our SpineTracker wearable device with the education and training of our instructors to help our students achieve healthy posture targets for their own unique lifestyle,” said Esther Gokhale, founder of the Gokhale Method. “The SpineTracker is used by our instructors across the nation to assess each student and help them live pain-free lives.” 

Additional features include the ability to upload data to students’ profiles on the website, tracking of students’ progress and a real-time spine simulation showing where discs are compressed. The new version of the SpineTracker features Energous Corporation’s WattUp wireless charging technology, which enables simultaneous charging for all five sensors when placed on the included charging pad.

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About The Gokhale Method
The Gokhale Method was founded by Esther Gokhale in Palo Alto, California. The practice uses healthy posture and movement to help people restore structural integrity and regain a pain-free life. Its unique full-body and multi-pronged approach address the root cause of most muscle and joint pain to reduce and/or eliminate back pain, neck pain and other muscle or joint pain, prevent muscle injury, increase energy, stamina and flexibility, reduce stress, and improve appearance. The Gokhale Method is guaranteed to help change habits through simultaneous visual, kinesthetic and intellectual learning for results that can last a lifetime. For more information, please visit or follow us on Twitter, Facebook and our blog.

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Monday, September 17, 2018 - 06:00