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GIOSTAR Labs and Association of Professional Ball Players of America (APBPA) Launch Stem Cells For All

CHICAGO, May 28, 2019 /PRNewswire/ -- GIOSTAR Labs, Inc. a subsidiary of GIOSTAR, the pioneer in stem cell-based technologies, has joined forces with the Association of Professional Ball Players of America (APBPA) to launch the non-profit Stem Cells For All initiative. The "brotherhood of baseball" has banded together in partnership with GIOSTAR Labs, to raise funds to provide cellular therapy to former professional baseball players, their families, and ultimately the fans.

Baseball's taxing physical demands have left many players with injuries requiring extensive surgery, along with severe financial turmoil. The APBPA was formed in 1924 by twelve baseball players, to help support athletes struggling with these challenges. Notable board members have included Babe Ruth, Lou Gehrig, and Tommy Lasorda.

With funding, APBPA members can receive free, or deeply discounted therapies at GIOSTAR's Chicago location.

"We opened the GIOSTAR Chicago center to help alleviate the suffering of underserved populations worldwide," stated GIOSTAR Chicago Partner Shelly Sood. "I'm honored to be partnering with the APBPA to help financially burdened, pain-ridden baseball players reap the immense benefits of stem cell therapy."

"We are donating treatments at a discounted rate to raise funds to deliver stem cell therapy for the masses, so APBPA is an ideal partner," explained GIOSTAR Labs CEO Scott Kirkpatrick. "It's an honor to carry the torch and deliver cutting-edge therapy to players, families, and honorary members who could never afford it."

GIOSTAR, a San Diego-based research institute, has similar initiatives underway in India, China, and Mexico. With Stem Cells For All, the Institute is delivering on its humanitarian vision in the US, which could provide athletes an alternative to painful surgeries and addictive medications.

"We commend the efforts of Scott, along with Bobby Grich, Jennifer Madison, and Ryan Paepke at APBPA," stated GIOSTAR CEO Deven Patel. "We encourage further development of such non-profit initiatives, which will do incredible things for the development of therapy in the US."

"Together with APBPA, we will answer many prayers," said Kirkpatrick. "Dozens of subsidized therapies are underway because of this agreement.  GIOSTAR Labs will be releasing cutting edge technology over the next 12 months, enabling us to drive therapy costs down, disrupt the pricing model of the industry, and allow us to treat more people than ever. We intend to do this with 3 products by engaging the Food and Drug Administration (FDA) via the Regenerative Medicine Advanced Therapy (RMAT) process to ensure proper safety protocols and efficacy. People are counting on us, and we will deliver."

Six pitchers have undergone therapy, with additional procedures underway. These include Arnie Costell of the Houston Astros and the Detroit Tigers, and Mike Rossiter of the Oakland Athletics and Milwaukee Brewers. Rossiter spoke glowingly about the personalized therapy he received, noting that "Dr. Gellis [GIOSTAR Chicago plastic surgeon] called me personally; I've never had a doctor do that." Costell remarked that "[GIOSTAR Chicago] is the most first-class operation I've ever seen; they've treated me with something truly indescribable." Patients have spoken highly of the "spa-like" GIOSTAR Chicago recovery room, which offers orange-infused water, relaxing music, and highly comfortable chairs for patients to relax post procedure.

About GIOSTAR Labs
GIOSTAR Labs, Inc. is a subsidiary of GIOSTAR, based in San Diego, California.  GIOSTAR Labs was created to manufacture products for worldwide distribution in a cGMP facility, via the FDA-RMAT process.  GIOSTAR Labs focuses on scaling 3 aspects of cellular regenerative medicine, including: (i) storage of autologous mesenchymal cells (MSC's) for anti-aging and on-demand therapy; (ii) manufacturing of allogeneic MSC derived growth factors in on demand format for treating anti-inflammatory conditions, and (iii) stem cell derived molecule-based topical creams for psoriasis. 

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