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German Clinic Orders Second Acarix CADScor®System to Further Boost Patient Capacity

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Malmö, Sweden 10th of December 2018

German Clinic Orders Second Acarix CADScor®System to Further Boost Patient Capacity

After three months of strong results using Acarix's CADScor®System to evaluate potential coronary artery disease, Dr Katarina Varga, who operates two clinics in Seifhennersdorf, Germany, has ordered her second system to evaluate even more patients who would otherwise face months of waiting to see a cardiologist.

With a CADScor®System in place at the second clinic, more patients will now know in a moment if they actually need to seek further cardiac investigations. Additionally, an early rule-out will reduce anxiety and cut unnecessary medical costs.

Each month approximately 75 patients come to the clinic with chest pain. Using the CADScor®System, almost half of these patients can be ruled-out immediately, avoiding referral to a cardiologist and freeing up time and resources for doctors to efficiently treat more patients.

"We have used the CADScor system for more than 100 patients in the last 3 months and are very impressed with the system's high accuracy, which helps us determine the right treatment and pathway for our patients," says Dr Varga. "With a second system in place for our other clinic, we will be able to help even more patients and shorten the waiting time for many concerned over their health. The waiting time to see a cardiologist is typically between 3-6 months and with the help from CADScor system, we know in less than 10 minutes if the patient really needs to see the specialist" says Dr Varga.

"The experience from Dr. Varga is a perfect example of how Acarix's CADScor®System can help healthcare professionals to quickly determine early on the most appropriate next step for those millions of patients facing chest pain symptoms, improving the quality of care and minimizing the cost burden to the health care system from unnecessary visits," says Per Persson, CEO of Acarix.

Per Persson, CEO, E-mail:, Phone: +46 (0)73 600 59 90

Notes to editors:

Acarix was established in 2009 and is listed on Nasdaq First North Premier. Acarix's CADScor®System uses an advanced sensor placed on the skin above the heart to listen to the sounds of cardiac contraction movement and turbulent flow. It is designed to be an all-in-one system in the sense that the heart signal will be recorded, processed, and displayed as a patient-specific score, the CAD-score, on the device screen. Readings are obtained in fewer than 8 minutes. Safe and suitable for use in both out- and inpatient settings, the CADScor®System thus has the potential to play a major role in patient triage, avoiding the need for many patients to undergo stressful invasive diagnostic procedures.

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