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Genius Labs Promises to Take Biohacking to The Mainstream

NEWPORT BEACH, Calif., May 20, 2019 /PRNewswire/ -- Biohacking has traditionally been a domain of fringe health fanatics in Silicon Valley seeking an edge from pills and nootropics. Over the past five years, SelfHacked has become a trusted source for biohackers—a sort of WebMD for millennials seeking an edge—those that distrust the mainstream.

Biohackers tend to view WebMD with distrust as a result of their connection with Big Pharma, their lack of references that go directly to the scientific literature, and their lack of useful information related to upgrading one's health. Jaded by years of conflicting dietary recommendations and their medical doctors' inability to solve complex health issues, these people are starting to take their health into their own hands.

With over 60,000 unique scientific references (more than any other health website on the web) and an internal peer-review process, SelfHacked has taken a rigorous approach to the science of biohacking.

"Health Websites as we know them are soon going to be defunct. People don't care about irrelevant and outdated health information that a doctor learned in medical school 30 years ago. They want the latest science they can trust and they want it in a format that is personally relevant to them. Meeting that demand is the mission of Genius Labs."

~ Founder, CEO, Joe Cohen

The three interrelated companies are SelfHacked, SelfDecode, and LabTestAnalyzer. SelfDecode is a DNA decoding software that gives biohackers tips to upgrade their health. LabTestAnalyzer is a lab analysis tool that also gives tips for biohackers and anti-aging enthusiasts to optimize vital information derived from the blood tests they get from their doctors.

The platform serves as an unprecedented "digital health coach" that will mark the tipping point for mainstream engagement in biohacking sciencetaking biohacking breakthroughs beyond speculative guessing games and over-hyped product solutions into the realm of evidence-based medical science of the highest order. The platform gives health tips based on a combination of genetics (including whole genome), lab markers, microbiome, and symptom data. This is the first software platform on the market that is capable of analyzing all 4 types of information while giving health recommendations based on the combined data.

Historically, health analysis apps have been very difficult to develop because they require the combined expertise of top scientists, researchers, bioinformatics specialists, developers, UI/UX, marketing, legal, and project management experts in order to release an effective product for the masses. Other companies have raised billions of dollars yet have only scratched the surface compared to the Genius Labs platform.

With the advent of this platform, Cohen has also established a new, top-level review protocol governed by the Genius Labs Science Board, whose first chair is Mayo Clinic Research Scientist, Author, and DNA expert Dr. Anthony G. Jay.

"I have used, shared, and admired for years. It is a treasure trove of health info compiled into easily readable key-point-summaries. I am genuinely honored and grateful to be part of the team as the first chair of the Genius Labs Science Board. I have no doubt we'll stay at the forefront of scientific research and continue to serve people from all walks of life." 

~ Dr. Anthony G. Jay, Mayo Clinic
Author, DNA Consultant

As Genius Labs continues to drive the latest medical research and science-based biohacking solutions into the public domain, Cohen is confident his team will help millions improve their physical and cognitive performance—while significantly extending their lifespan.

Wayne Caparas, CCO

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