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Gene Therapy in Oncology: Innovation to Commercialization, Competitive Landscape, Technological Advancements, Market Opportunities & Future Directions by DelveInsight

LAS VEGAS, April 11, 2019 /PRNewswire/ -- Global spending on cancer therapies and supportive care drugs now exceeds USD 133 billion in 2017, and this amount is projected to reach USD 180-200 billion over the next five years.

About 4,000 patients are treated with Provenge each year in the US out of a possible 40,000 in 2018 currently. Out of three, Oncorine and Imlygic are the oncolytic virus-based gene therapies. Imlygic is the first oncolytic virus-based gene therapy to get approval in the US and Europe.

(Albany, US) DelveInsight launched Gene Therapy in Oncology - 2018

  • Gene Therapy in Oncology report covers a descriptive account of its historical timeline & its evolution over the years, types, and vectors along with the corresponding gene-transfer methods.
  • Gene Therapy in Oncology report incorporates cancer gene therapy products under development, showcasing their relative positioning in global Oncology therapeutic space.
  • Gene Therapy in Oncology report includes a breakdown of pipeline products across different phases, emerging trends and comparative analysis of the products.
  • Gene Therapy in Oncology report comprises comprehensive insight is provided into licensing & collaboration opportunities, deal values and funding details for emerging gene therapies
  • Gene Therapy in Oncology report provides an edge while formulating business strategies and future developmental opportunities.

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Almost, three decades after the first gene therapy trial, the approved gene therapies are only three in Europe and those are:-

  1. Glybera (alipogene tiparvovec)
  2. Imlygic (talimogene laherparepvec)
  3. Strimvelis (autologous CD34+ cells transduced to express ADA)

"Around 70% of the global clinical trials are running in the US, making it a most lucrative market for gene therapy in oncology."

The pipeline of gene therapy in cancer appears to be very strong with total of 47 products in development. Phase II & Phase I/II phase gene therapies grab 43% of the total clinical product share in 2018.

The company product analysis shows that majority of the products with the company have already made it to the clinical with around 64% of the products. Also, there are 36% products in Phase 1 ready, pre-clinical and discovery stages.

Overall in gene therapy oncology, around 23% of the products are partnered, and about 77% of products are non-partnered. The non-partnered products offer excellent investment opportunities for companies seeking a partnership in gene therapy in Oncology.

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Many companies that are exploring to kill the cancer cells efficiently are:-

  1. Dendreon Corporation
  2. Advantagene
  3. Advaxis
  4. Takara Bio
  5. SillaJen
  6. OncoSec
  7. MultiVir

and many others

Drugs covered

  1. Axalimogene filolisbac
  2. ProstAtak
  3. E10A
  4. Provenge
  5. Glybera
  6. Imlygic
  7. Strimvelis

and many others

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Table of contents

1. Report Introduction

2. Executive Summary

3. Gene Therapy in Oncology Overview

4. Gene Therapy in Oncology Introduction

5. History- Evolution of Gene Therapy over the years

6. Gene Therapy in Oncology Role

7. Types of Gene Therapy

8. Gene Transfer- Types of Vectors and Gene Delivery Methods

9. Gene Therapy in Oncology Advantages

10. Key Challenges in Development of Gene Therapy for Oncology

11. Gene Editing in Gene Therapy

12. Types of Nucleases

13. Safety and Ethical Concerns

14. Companies developing Gene Editing Technologies

15. Regulatory Guidelines for Gene Therapy Products in 7MM

16. General Regulatory Environment

17. Regulatory Incentives and Support

18. Gene Therapy in Oncology Analysis –Innovation to Commercialization

19. Gene Therapy in Oncology Analysis by Total Products

20. Gene Therapy in Oncology Clinical Pipeline Analysis by Region

21. Gene Therapy in Oncology Pipeline Analysis by Regulatory Designations

22. Gene Therapy in Oncology Analysis by Companies Collaborations

23. Gene Therapy in Oncology Analysis by Product Type Development

24. Gene Therapy in Oncology Analysis by Product Type -Combination Therapy

25. Gene Therapy in Oncology Analysis by Originator

26. Gene Therapy in Oncology Analysis by Pharmaceutical Companies

27. Gene Therapy in Oncology Analysis by Technology

28. Gene Therapy in Oncology Analysis by Gene Therapy Targets

29. Gene Therapy in Oncology Analysis by Gene Therapy Vectors

30. Gene Therapy in Oncology Analysis by Gene Therapy Viral Vectors

31. Gene Therapy in Oncology Analysis by Gene Therapy Non-Viral Vectors

32. Marketed Gene Therapies

33. Provenge: Dendreon Corporation (acquired by San Power Group)

34. Gene Therapy in Oncology Marketed Products Sales Analysis

35. Gene Therapy in Oncology Marketed Products-Comparative Sales

36. Gene Therapies in Pipeline 

38. Reimbursement Scenario for Cancer Gene Therapies in 7MM

39. The United States

40. EU-5 Countries

41. Market Access and Reimbursement Scenario for Cancer Gene Therapy in Japan

42. Cost Analysis of Gene Therapies- Challenges and Countermeasures

43. Hurdles in Approval and Revenue Generation 

45. Evidence Generation

46. Valuation and Pricing

47. Commercialisation

48. Gene Therapy in Oncology Future

49. DelveInsight Competitive Matrix Modeling

50. Market Drivers

51. Market Barriers

52. Appendix

53. Report Methodology

54. DelveInsight Competitive Matrix

55. DelveInsight Capabilities

56. Disclaimer

57. About DelveInsight

About DelveInsight

DelveInsight is a leading Business Consultant, and Market Research Firm focused exclusively on life sciences. It supports pharma companies by providing end to end comprehensive solutions to improve their performance.

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