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Franek Technologies Uninterruptible Power Supply Units and The Importance of Battery Replacement

TUSTIN, Calif., May 2, 2019 /PRNewswire/ -- Franek Technologies Laboratory Protection Systems (LPS/UPS) are critical to providing clean, high-fidelity, uninterruptible power to lab and research instruments; all while protecting equipment from data dangers such as power spikes, brownouts, blackouts, and short duration power outages. These units are working twenty four hours a day, seven days a week to prevent a long list of electrical deviations that are occurring regularly and have the ability to affect lab instruments performance and longevity.

The battery runtime is a function of the electrical load and original design criteria in the UPS. As UPS size and power increase, the number of batteries in each unit increases. Many parts of the instrument have high instant power demand like a laser when it fires. The demand is so fast that this power demand cannot come directly from electricity in the wall.  The output power converter making the power connection to the instrument must have an instant source, which is the battery. High power lead-acid batteries are commonly used for UPS applications, but are not without limitations. These batteries wear out and the original runtime declines steadily with age. By the end of the battery life, an original 10 minute runtime can be drastically reduced to one or two minutes.  The charger system doesn't know when the batteries are old and responds to this low voltage by charging the batteries continuously. So when power failed doesn't appear for five to seven years you may find the batteries have swollen and even cracked with aced gel leakage occurring. Eventually batteries in your Uninterruptible Power Supply units must be replaced.

Franek Technologies recommends replacing battery sets on a calendar schedule. On smaller UPS units (50-100lbs) every three years for optimum performance or every four years as an absolute. Batteries on larger UPS units (300-400lbs) should be replaced every four years for optimum performance, or every 5 years as an absolute.

In a power outage, or brief power flicker, your UPS is using batteries to maintain uninterrupted service. As the batteries are used the battery voltage drops.  If the battery voltage falls too far it will damage the batteries.

To request a quote for a replacement set of sealed, no maintenance batteries for your Franek LPS/UPS visit or call 1-800-326-6480 today.

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