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Flexipharm Austrading Announces Launch of First Vial and First Generic Presentation of Methylthioninium Chloride

Improved presentation and lower price than alternative product for NHS hospitals

FARNBOROUGH, England, March 30, 2020 /PRNewswire/ -- Flexipharm Austrading, the UK specialty pharmaceutical company focused on supplying the NHS with Better, Critical Care Medicines, today announced the commercial availability in the UK of its second differentiated generic injectable product.

Flexipharm Austrading's Methylthioninium Chloride 10mg/ml Sterile concentrate for solution for injection is the first and only generic licensed medicinal product presentation of methylthioninium chloride to be available in a preferred vial presentation.  As an MHRA licensed and European Pharmacopoeia compliant product, it meets or exceeds specifications on levels of organic and metal impurities, and has several benefits to the NHS, notably:

  • Lower cost and fewer steps to prepare the drug for administration compared to the alternative ampoule product
  • Removal of 'sharps' injury risk, often associated with opening ampoules
  • An NHS/List price which is £46.89 per pack or 23% cheaper than the alternative ampoule product1
  • Improved shelf life – can be used for up to 24 hours from opening, compared to the alternative ampoule product which must be used immediately

Commenting on the launch, Michael Clark, Founder and Director of Flexipharm Austrading, said: "We are excited to be bringing this presentation of Methylthioninium Chloride to the NHS.  Not only does our glass vial presentation remove the very real risk to health professionals of sharps injuries associated with opening glass ampoules, but this improved presentation offers a lower cost to the NHS and more flexibility in usage. 

"Today's announcement further validates Flexipharm Austrading's strategy to provide NHS staff with products that improve the supply and application safety of established molecules used every day within hospitals."

For product Information:

About Flexipharm Austrading

Flexipharm Austrading's vision is to become a UK-based specialty pharmaceutical company that is genuinely respected and trusted by NHS hospitals. It was founded in 2018 by Michael Clark, an experienced specialty pharmaceutical company founder and board director.

Flexipharm Austrading has a singular focus on commercialising established molecules embedded in hospital use where there are concerns around security of ongoing supply; where the current presentation is not optimal for the needs of the NHS staff; and where the current presentations can contribute to medication errors. The Company has a deep understanding of the conditions where its medicines are used and builds enduring meaningful dialogue with the NHS staff involved in using these medicines. It has an exclusive distribution agreement with Phebra Pty Ltd, an Australian pharmaceutical company developing and manufacturing injectable pharmaceutical products. Flexipharm Austrading will be launching several products from the Phebra portfolio in the UK in 2021 and 2022. For further information visit our website,


1., ampoules, £196.89 per pack, accessed 04/03/2020. NHS/List price Methylthioninium Chloride vials £150.00 per pack