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EyePACS Surpasses 750,000 Patient Encounters for Diabetic Retinopathy Assessment

SANTA CRUZ, Calif., June 18, 2019 /PRNewswire/ -- EyePACS LLC, a privately held company and the leading diabetic retinopathy telemedicine provider in the US, announces that It surpassed 750,000 patient encounters in April of this year, for its Cloud-based retina assessment and diagnostic service focusing on diabetic retinopathy. 

Now averaging over 12,000 patient encounters per month across more than 600 community health center sites in the US, EyePACS began in 2003 with its first deployment in California.  The comprehensive retina diagnostic and study platform is utilized by certified and credentialed eye clinicians to provide retinal assessment for diabetic patients.  With the more than 600 community health centers in the US, EyePACS also has sites in six international countries.

"Preventing blindness from diabetic retinopathy doesn't end with retinal screening. Screening is the first step to early detection and treatment of vision threatening diabetic retinopathy. Our commitment is to help the community health centers close the loop from screening to treatment by assuring an effective referral process, from primary care to specialty eye care for patients in need. EyePACS promotes patient engagement by helping community clinics have two-way conversations with patients. When patients understand their eye problem and its relationship to diabetes, they are more likely to adhere to recommended referrals, and follow through with recommended treatment," stated George Bresnick, MD, CMO of EyePACS.

"Blindness prevention is actually a primary care task, since the primary care clinician is the one a diabetic patient sees most often. Our challenge was creating a template for high quality images to be captured, uploaded, assessed and a report returned within 24-48 hours, yet in a seamless, non-disruptive way for the clinical workflow. Community Health Centers often do not offer eye care services," stated Jorge Cuadros, OD, PhD, CEO and co-founder of EyePACS.


EyePACS LLC is a privately held company with offices in Santa Cruz, California and offers various programs for Community Health Clinics and Primary Care practices to implement diabetic retinopathy and retina assessment programs, utilizing their proprietary cloud-based Comprehensive Clinical Diagnosis & Study Suite; a diagnostic platform designed for telemedicine.  EyePACS LLC was formed in 2011 with founders Jorge Cuadros, O.D., PhD. (CEO), and Wyatt Tellis, PhD. (CIO), and CMO Gorge Bresnick, M.D., co-founder of Vision For All. 

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