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Dreem Announces Call for Proposal for Sleep Research Projects and Study Findings at SLEEP 2019

NEW YORK and PARIS, June 10, 2019 /PRNewswire/ -- This weekend, Dreem announced an innovative program for sleep researchers at SLEEP 2019, the 33rd annual meeting of the APSS, a joint meeting held by the American Academy of Sleep Medicine and the Sleep Research Society.

This comes on the heels of the clinical evidence from Dreem's OCTAVE IRBA study, which demonstrates the accuracy of the Dreem band's tracking of signal quality when compared to the gold-standard of sleep measurement, polysomnography (PSG), as well as the agreement with a consensus of sleep experts when classifying all sleep stages.

To date, Dreem's solution has been incorporated into the research at more than 30 leading institutions around the world, including Stanford University, University of Washington and University of Cambridge, replacing the need for use of PSG for sleep monitoring and allowing for research on larger sample sizes.

"Given the clinically proven accuracy of Dreem's solution for tracking sleep activity, we have effectively taken the sleep clinic into the home. The significance of this is that now, researchers can more easily perform studies on large cohorts with many nights of recordings. This is something that does not happen at research in sleep clinics or by using traditional polysomnography," explained Dreem Science Director, Pierrick Arnal.

Members of Dreem's scientific advisory board, including Dr. Emmanuel Mignot, Dr. Raphael Heinzer, Professor Russell Foster and Dr. Christof Koch, will review applications. Three winning grants of 20 to 100 EEG headbands from Dreem for Research will be announced at the World Sleep Congress in Vancouver, Canada on September 21, 2019.

"We are very excited to present this opportunity to the research community," said Hugo Mercier, CEO of Dreem. "Our solution, which includes a comfortable headband with dry signal EEG tracking, enables scientists and medical doctors to better understand the impact of sleep on a wide range of conditions, spanning across mental health and physical wellness, through low-cost, large population studies."

The Call for Proposal is open to full-time faculty (or equivalent status) from public or private institutions, such as universities, hospitals and laboratories. Applications should involve sleep assessment with the Dreem band. More information can be found on Dreem's blog

About Dreem

Dreem is a science and technology pioneer that develops effective solutions that help people to better identify and address their sleep problems. Dreem 2 is a non-invasive, human-centered combined hardware and software solution, backed by an international community of sleep experts. Based in Paris and New York, Dreem has raised considerable funds from investors and received rewards and grants from public organizations to create an international team of over 85 people. You can find out more about Dreem at

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