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Dr. Steven Victor Joins the Valiant Clinic in Dubai to Offer Stem Cell Therapy

NEW YORK, Aug. 13, 2019 /PRNewswire/ -- Dr. Steven Victor Medical Director of ReGen Medical states, "Stem cell therapy is one of the most novel advances in medicine when it comes to aesthetics and management of chronic disease. Due to its novelty, there tends to be some uncertainty in the market with regard to what it is and what it is used for. One of the most crucial points in the industry is certification, or lack thereof, when it comes to stem cell therapy."

Dr. Steven Victor, general practitioner (regenerative medicine) from the U.S., is an American board-certified specialist in regenerative medicine and regenerative cosmetic dermatology with over 30 years' experience in researching, developing and providing treatment through stem cell therapy for various chronic diseases and beauty treatments. He is the only Dubai Health Authority-licensed physician in regenerative medicine in UAE.

Dr. Victor says that given the complex nature of the therapy and the benefits and risks associated with it, it is important to go to a licensed practitioner only. "It is VERY IMPORTANT to go to a licensed regulated physician, otherwise you risk getting hurt or infected and you do not know what kind of stem cells you are getting. In our stem cell therapy protocol, there have been no side effects for 12 years since we've been offering them. The reason is because we are using your own cells, do not add anything and we do NOT grow cells. In growing cells, we have seen tumors develop," states Dr. Victor.

Stem cell therapy is a process where one's own (autologous) stem cells are used to repair their body. Stem cells are found in the capillaries in all of the body and they can transform into new tissue. They also have cytokines that are anti-inflammatory, increase blood flow, help grow new blood vessels and stop cell death, as well as help grow new tissues.

Stromal vascular fraction cellular (SVFC) therapy, better known as stem cell therapy, is a rapidly expanding set of innovative medical technologies that restore cellular function by enabling the body to repair, replace and regenerate damaged, aging or diseased cells, tissues and organs. The minimally invasive, proprietary procedure utilizes a patient's own stromal vascular fraction cells (stem cells) from the blood vessels in adipose or fat tissue to significantly boost success rates for patient outcomes in a wide variety of conditions. In addition, there is a vast population interested in stem cell cosmetic procedures such as injections in the face to improve wrinkles etc, as well as generalized internal wellness.

Stem cell therapy works by reducing inflammation/modulation and increasing blood flow. Since most diseases have inflammation and decreased blood flow, reversing the process means the disease/health problem can improve, supporting the body to heal itself. The disease is not necessarily cured, however, the patient can get back their quality of life.

With advances in technology, stem cells can be easily harvested from the capillaries and immediately used to treat the patient. "We have treated many patients for aesthetics and rejuvenation to orthopaedics - every joint in the body, diabetes, neurological conditions such as concussion, Alzheimer's and multiple sclerosis," informs Dr. Victor.

At the moment, Dr. Victor is the only physician approved by the Dubai Health Authority to carry out stem cell therapy in Dubai.

Stem cell therapy can offer many advantages, some of which are the management of chronic diseases where the use of conventional therapies has failed, as well as avoiding surgical procedures in both the aesthetic and orthopaedic field. The results tend to be long-lasting depending on each individual case with a proven track record in aesthetics of five to 10 years.

Dr. Victor is a clinical expert in ground-breaking anti-aging and cellular therapy technologies, with a passion for creating safe, minimally invasive treatments that aid patients in living a longer, healthier, more beautiful life. Prior to joining Valiant Clinic, Dr. Victor worked at various reputable institutions in the USA and the UAE. To date, he has treated over 900 patients successfully.

About Valiant Clinic

Launched in 2016, Valiant Clinic is a premium, integrated, multi-specialty clinic that uses advanced, innovative technologies delivered by a western team of physicians. With a proactive and integrated approach to healthcare, Valiant Clinic aims to build and maintain a healthier population across the emirate and the region.

Located in City Walk, Dubai, Valiant Clinic is affiliated with Houston Methodist Global Health Care Services, the international subsidiary of the world-renowned Houston Methodist Hospital based in Houston, Texas, USA. The clinic marks Meraas' entry into the healthcare field and stems from Meraas' efforts to support the Dubai healthcare sector in fulfilling the UAE Vision 2021 and to provide unique experiences that enrich peoples' lives.

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