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Dr. Roxana Rhodes Redefines Customized Medical Care by Integrating Precision Medicine into her Concierge Membership Practice

AUSTIN, Texas, May 14, 2019 /PRNewswire/ -- Recently transitioning from a traditional medical practice model to a concierge practice approach, Dr. Roxana Rhodes continues to redefine customized personal health care. One of the first practices in the region to offer Precision Medicine, Dr. Rhodes' Partners in Health integrates this new medical approach to provide comprehensive personalized care for each patient's unique genetics, environment and lifestyle.

As science and technology evolve, and more conclusive studies emerge in support of Precision Medicine, even more patients are able to afford and benefit from incorporating genetic testing into their general health care.

"There are trillions of cells in our bodies that are defined by 3.2 billion DNA pairs, making each one of us truly unique, so we shouldn't take a one-size-fits-all approach when it comes to our health care," said Dr. Rhodes. "With Precision Medicine, we are now able to use advanced, scientifically-proven sequencing techniques that provide clear personalized results with actionable information."

More than 10 percent of patients have genetics that lead to genetic-based diseases. To identify these patients, Dr. Rhodes offers three different levels of genetic testing: detailed family health history of immediate and extended family members; pharmacogenetic drug response testing to determine how specific drugs interact with the patient; and comprehensive genetic testing for patients who want to know every aspect of their health. This level of testing includes predisposition for cancer, heart disease, vision or hearing loss, infertility, dementia and more. Results allow Dr. Rhodes and her patients to consider steps to prevent or minimize the impact of genetic-based diseases, as well as provide information to personalize diet, exercise, and sleep habits. 

"For me, I wanted the peace of mind of knowing as much as I could about my health," said Hong Q., a patient of Dr. Rhodes. "After documenting my family history and taking the genetic screening tests, Dr. Rhodes took the time to discuss and explain my results and clearly outlined next steps for my personal health care future."

For patients interested in learning more about Partners in Health's new Precision Medicine approach, Dr. Rhodes will be holding informational sessions on May 30 at 7PM and June 1 at 10AM. For more information and to sign up, please visit HERE.

Dr. Rhodes' new concierge membership practice, Partners in Health, is a revolutionary approach to providing personal and customized health care, while also forming stronger doctor-patient relationships for long-term care.

About Partners in Health
Partners in Health is a personalized internal medicine concierge practice created by Dr. Roxana Rhodes to serve the Austin community. A native Texan and third generation Texas physician, Dr. Rhodes has over two decades experience as a family doctor and an educator. Partners in Health reflects Dr. Rhodes guiding belief that all patients experience far better health outcomes when patients are engaged in their own care, in an ongoing compassionate and collaborative effort with their healthcare providers. Learn more at:

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