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Dr. David Capaldi - Chief Medical Officer at the Rejuva Stem Cell Clinic - is the Keynote Speaker at the 2nd Global Tissue Engineering, Regenerative Medicine, and Stem Cell Conference Being Held in Amsterdam March 2019

JUPITER, Fla., March 7, 2019 /PRNewswire/ -- The Rejuva Stem Cell Clinic addresses numerous conditions, from arthritis and osteoarthritis to fractures and orthopedic problems, through the use of stem cell therapy. The use of umbilical cord blood stem cells is becoming a common clinical practice that may help prevent the need for certain surgical procedures, while effectively improving mobility following a serious joint injury or chronic degenerative conditions. Due to the successful clinical application of stem cells, they are now used within additional disciplines that include cardiology, neurology, rheumatology, and pain management. 

Rejuva Stem Cell Clinic specializes in umbilical cord blood-derived stem cell therapy. Patients with a variety of diseases, disorders, and traumas have been treated, with many reporting significant improvements within days of treatment.

What makes our technique so successful is the careful preparation of the stem cells and the precision guided ultrasound injection method that we use. This injection technique guarantees that the stem cells will be delivered to exactly where they need to be, and the administration of young, umbilical cord blood stem cells dramatically improves tissue repair and regeneration.

Umbilical cord blood stem cells can duplicate themselves every 22 to 28 hours for extended periods, in comparison to older bone marrow or adipose tissue-derived stem cells which duplicate themselves every 3 to 5 days. Therefore, our team of experts at Rejuva Stem Cell Clinic offers unprecedented stem cell therapy that has already benefited hundreds of patients.

Rejuva Stem Cell Clinic also hosts physicians every quarter to provide them with Guided Ultrasound Injection training. This training is usually led by our Chief Medical Officer Dr. David Capaldi. We are proud to announce that Dr. Capaldi has been invited to Amsterdam, Netherlands as the Keynote Speaker for an international medical conference.

At this year's 2nd Global Regenerative Medicine Conference, Dr. Capaldi will discuss human umbilical cord mesenchymal stem cells, particularly those that are derived from the cord blood. Umbilical cord blood stem cells have been shown to boost internal tissue repair by releasing growth factors and proteins that stimulate the activity of neighboring cells. In particular, several studies show that umbilical cord blood stem cells facilitate the release of various cytokines, chemokines, and growth factors such as VEGF, FGF, PDGF, and SCF, among others.

VEGF is a well-known growth factor that supports angiogenesis, which refers to the formation of new vascularization (e.g., blood vessels). Umbilical cord blood stem cells also promote the release of the cytokine IL-1ra, which plays a role in the suppression of the body's pro-inflammatory response to TNF-α. Therefore, there are several mechanisms through which umbilical cord blood stem cells support healing and natural repair processes in the body. Dr. Capaldi's keynote speech will focus on current research, clinical applications, safety and clinical efficacy, areas of proven benefit, and aspects of stem cell therapy that warrant further research in order to unlock the full potential of umbilical cord blood stem cells.

Dr. Capaldi's expertise in radiology and general surgery, combined with his interest in providing stem cell therapy to those in need led him to join the staff at Rejuva Stem Cell Clinic as the full time physician and Chief Medical Officer. Dr. Capaldi has trained hundreds of regenerative medicine doctors in proper stem cell injection techniques and we congratulate Dr. Capaldi on being chosen as the Keynote Speaker at this year's Regenerative Medicine Conference.

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