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DKT International Announces Record-Breaking Year Providing Family Planning Products and Services in 55 Countries

WASHINGTON, March 26, 2019 /PRNewswire/ -- DKT International, one of the largest private providers of family planning products and services in the developing world, is proud to release its 2018 global impact data. This data shows that through innovative social marketing of contraceptive products and services, DKT delivered 44.6 million couple-years of protection (CYPs), the total estimated protection provided by contraceptives in a one-year period - an increase of 8 million CYPs more than in 2017.

All products, services, and technology delivered by DKT in 2018 averted 31,800 maternal deaths, 90,000 infant deaths, and 12.7 million unwanted pregnancies, as well as the aversion of 9.8 million unsafe abortions.

"We are proud to announce that 2018 marks our most impactful year yet. Achieving these numbers reflects our progress - through ongoing training of health care professionals, youth education, provision of the highest quality products at affordable process, and programs that meet at-risk populations right where they are in ways that make sense at the local level. We help men and women choose how and when to have children, as both a right and a responsibility," says Chris Purdy, DKT's CEO.

According to the 2018 impact data, DKT sold more than:

    --  722 million condoms
    --  5.5 million IUDs
    --  684,000 contraceptive implants
    --  29.6 million injectable contraceptives
    --  101 million oral contraceptives
    --  10.6 million emergency contraceptives
    --  180,000 manual vacuum aspirators (MVA kits)
    --  1.6 million cannulae
    --  3.5 million mifepristone / misoprostol combination packs
    --  15.5 million misoprostol tabs

"With our commitment to FP2020's Every Woman, Every Child top of mind, we are continuously finding news ways to reach more couples with family planning tools and knowledge," adds Purdy. "From our strategic partnerships such as WomanCare Global that expands global access to safe abortion, regional expansions in the Middle East and North Africa, and the innovative/technologically advanced platforms utilized by our country programs, we know this momentum will continue."

Since 1989, DKT International's core mission has been to provide safe and affordable options for family planning and HIV prevention through social marketing in 33 populous countries throughout Latin America, Africa, and Asia encompassing almost 62% of the world's population.

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