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DelveInsight Launched its Proprietary Platform, PharmDelve, Unlocking a New Way of Accessing Reports

LAS VEGAS, June 11, 2019 /PRNewswire/ -- DelveInsight, a Business Consulting and Market research company, providing research, statistics, analytics and advisory services for life science vertical, has announced the launch of PharmDelve. It is a repository of pharma research reports and a technology platform of pharma, biotech and healthcare-related market reports and analytics. PharmDelve intends to help the stakeholders of the life sciences, pharma, and biotech companies to get an edge in the consistently evolving global market.

"Empowered by DelveInsight", PharmDelve is a global business intelligence, and market research platform, aiming to revolutionize the way market reports are harnessed. Equipped with both human as well as machine intelligence, PharmDelve is committed to transforming data into comprehensive market insights, products and services that can be readily used by clients to make informed business decisions. Equipped with an interface that is easy to navigate, it lets the clients customize packages based on their requirements, selecting reports from multitudes of indications and not only this but to place requests for the market analysis of indications of their interest. The platform provides access to dynamic excel based interactive and intuitive report models, which lets clients manipulate data on their terms. These models let's client change the master assumptions and also provides detailed methodology and assumptions to understand the market in a better way. PharmDelve is a cloud-based platform incorporated with rich security functions safeguarding client's information via SSL-certified and end-to-end encryption. With impeccable Market and Epidemiology forecast, PharmDelve's well-informed, custom- made reports are tailored specifically to facilitate and formulate the clients' business goals.

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Rich features:

  • 500+ Indication Market Reports
  • Covered 27+ therapeutic areas
  • Exhaustive geography coverage
  • Easy navigation through different reports
  • Interactive portfolio management at one place

Robust platform

  • Prioritizing the safety of client's information
  • End-to-end data Encryption
  • User authentication
  • Strong track record with a high level of security

Customizable Dashboard

  • Easy modifications with right reporting tools
  • Sophisticatedly organized information
  • The option of bookmarking interests

About DelveInsight

DelveInsight is a Business Consulting and Market research company, providing expert Business solutions to life science organizations. The firm aims to facilitate sound, practical and coherent business decision making in global Pharmaceutical and Biotech companies for them to grow in this competitive world. Our team offers quintessential advisory services in the areas of Research & Development, Strategy Formulation, Commercials, Operations, Competitive Intelligence, Competitive Landscaping, and Mergers & Acquisitions, among others. It has a rich repository of 3000+ reports offering different reports types viz. Market Insights, Epidemiology Insights, Pipeline Insights, Rare Insights and others. DelveInsight is continuously enriching and harmonizing pharma market analysis to be delivered in this competitive world, equipped with the knowledge of strategic dimensions of the fast-growing market. DelveInsight enables key global decision-makers in the Pharmaceutical industry to make informed decisions.

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