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Constipation Is an Often Serious and Untreated Condition in Children

PHOENIX, May 3, 2019 /PRNewswire/ -- Constipation affects 25 to 30% of young children2 which means approximately one in three children will struggle with this condition. Constipation also increases the risk of urinary tract infections.  Delays in treating the issue can have damaging consequences. 25% of those children will continue to have constipation issues into their adulthood. DocuSol®Kids mini-enema ( was developed as an effective solution for this common health issue.

According to Johns Hopkins Children's Center1, doctors see children with constipation daily, with a 30 percent jump in constipation-related visits between 2008 and 2009. Doctors warn that constipation in children is often treated too late, treated inadequately or goes untreated altogether and can lead to serious problems. Including hard stools that cause irritation or tearing of the lining of the rectum or anus. Such complications make it painful to have bowel movements, prompting children to avoid the bathroom altogether, thus exacerbating the overall issue.

The Johns Hopkins Children's Center also notes that some of the following signs might indicate a good time to speak with a doctor about a child's bathroom habits:

  • Refuses to go, or hides in a private place.
  • Lumpy and hard stools, small and pellet-like.
  • Bloating or feeling of fullness.
  • Straining with bowel movements.
  • Small liquid or soft stool marks found on a child's underwear.

Stool softener enemas are sometimes necessary for children in distress. DocuSol®Kids was designed for easy use at home. The DocuSol®Kids tube is designed to offer a soft and flexible tip. DocuSol® Kids' mini-enemas contain a delivered dose of 100mg docusate sodium. The enemas are intended for use with children 2–12 years of age (with adult supervision). DocuSol® Kids provides fast, predictable results, typically within 2–15 minutes2.

Parents and caregivers can count on DocuSol® Kids for an easy, safe and fast acting rectal therapy. DocuSol®Kids products can be found on shelves at local retailers. Additional information is available online at:

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