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Companion Medical Announces Expansion of Commercial Operations

SAN DIEGO, April 11, 2019 /PRNewswire/ -- Companion Medical announces several recent initiatives to expand commercial operations. As part of its commitment to expanding access to InPen™, Companion has made the InPen System available in retail pharmacies nationwide. Providers now have the ability to e-prescribe InPen through their EMR directly to pharmacies. Companion has partnered with a leading pharmacy co-pay assistance company to provide financial assistance to those with commercial insurance, ensuring that InPen users pay no more than $99 annually, while most InPen users pay $50 or less for InPen per year. "Our priority is to make InPen easy to prescribe and affordable to users," said Companion's Chief Executive Officer Sean Saint. InPen accepts prefilled cartridges of both NovoLog and Humalog insulin and is covered on most prescription plans.

Companion has also expanded its San Diego headquarters and sales territories to provide additional capacity for its growing commercial activities. "The expansion of our administrative and manufacturing facility, along with the growing demand for InPen, has given us the opportunity to add essential staff to continue to accelerate growth," said Saint. The expansion includes employees in sales, marketing, business operations, R&D and manufacturing. "Building a new diabetes product category is exciting and we've engaged a team of industry leaders to help drive awareness and adoption for InPen," said Steve Lamar, Director of Marketing. "Companion leads the smart insulin pen market, and we continue to innovate rapidly to expand our feature set and product offerings."

Companion is also pleased to announce the formation of its Medical Advocacy Board (MAB).  The focus of the MAB is to accelerate awareness of InPen specifically and smart pen technology generally to further demonstrate its clinical utility. The Board is comprised of key clinical opinion leaders from across the United States who support Companion Medical's efforts to build the smart pen category. "The Medical Advocacy Board members will serve as peer-to-peer consultants to develop best practices and clinical practice guidelines regarding the use of smart insulin dosing technology," said Janice MacLeod, RD, CDE, FAADE, who leads Companion's efforts in clinical advocacy.

"InPen has meaningfully improved MDI therapy," said Saint. "These initiatives support our mission and commitment to improve the quality of life, experience and clinical outcomes for our users and their caretakers at a cost accessible to all."

About Companion Medical, Inc.

Companion Medical is a leader in the development of advanced technology to improve diabetes care. InPen™ by Companion Medical is the first and only FDA-cleared smart pen for insulin delivery. InPen was developed to address many of the issues those living with diabetes and their Healthcare Professionals face on a daily basis, including miscalculating doses of insulin, missing insulin doses, insulin stacking, and lack of insulin data.

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