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CNY Fertility Launches Sister Brand, CNY Preserve, To Provide The Nation's Most Affordable Egg Freezing

SYRACUSE, N.Y., Aug. 14, 2019 /PRNewswire/ -- CNY Fertility Founder and Director Dr. Robert Kiltz today announced the launch of CNY Preserve, a new branch of CNY Fertility devoted entirely to providing affordable egg (oocyte) and embryo cryopreservation services to women. CNY Preserve offers $2,900 egg freezing and $3,900 embryo freezing cycles, in-house financing, and free egg freezing for oncology patients.

The aptly named CNY Preserve is an offshoot of Kiltz's successful fertility business that has focused on offering accessible fertility care (including IVF) to couples and individuals around the globe since its inception in 1997. Annually ranked among the top ten fertility centers in the nation, CNY Fertility has built a reputation for providing high quality, cutting-edge fertility care at prices well below the national average. CNY Preserve looks to accomplish the same by focusing on attracting millennials and those in the LGBTQ+ community interested in fertility education, assessment, and preservation.

Demand for egg freezing has spiked over the past several years. It's estimated that 76,000 egg freezing cycles were performed in 2018 in the U.S., up from just 5,000 cycles in 2013.  According to data from the Society for Assisted Reproductive Technology (SART), the number of women choosing to freeze their eggs grew more than sevenfold between 2009 and 2013.  SART reports 10,936 women froze their eggs in 2017, and the market is projected to grow 25% annually over the next two years, according to Fertility IQ—a demand that has largely been created by millennial women interested in delaying motherhood.

"Egg freezing is tremendously empowering," shares Dr. Kiltz. "It buys people time to pursue higher education, military service, and get where they want to be career-wise and in life before pausing to start a family.  Sometimes they need extra time to find a partner with whom to share parenting responsibilities. Sometimes they're not even certain they want to have a family, but they know they want the option to be available to them. With CNY Preserve, they can do all of these things without worrying about the proverbial biological clock ticking away. It removes a lot of stress and allows people to keep their options open."

Egg freezing gives people the option of preserving their eggs in their twenties and thirties when their eggs are plentiful and good quality. As early as age 32, a woman's ovarian reserve begins to decline.  The number and quality of eggs continues to diminish into the mid-30s, and by age 44, it becomes exceedingly difficult to conceive, even with advanced treatments like IVF. Pregnancy rates from frozen eggs depend on the woman's age at the time she freezes her eggs, not the age at which she comes back to use them.

Headquartered in Upstate New York, CNY Preserve has a global travel team that coordinates care for clients across the country and internationally. Consults take place over the phone or by video. Providers at CNY Preserve then create a personalized egg freezing plan for each client. Their business model focuses on working in conjunction with local OB/GYNs and medical labs to provide blood work and monitoring services close to the client's home, thereby limiting travel to one of CNY Preserve's locations to the egg retrieval itself.  Clients also have the option of staying in New York for in-house monitoring while enjoying yoga, acupuncture, and massage services at one of CNY's spa-like Healing Arts centers. 

Affordability is another part of CNY Preserve's plan for attracting clients.  Pricing for one cycle of egg freezing at CNY Preserve is $2,900, and in-house monitoring is an additional $950.  One year of storage is included in the egg freezing cost. This places CNY Preserve among the most affordably priced egg freezing options in the nation at close to a third of the national average. CNY Preserve also offers in-house financing options with payment plans up to two-years and does not require a credit check.

Egg freezing isn't just for career-minded people looking to buy time. As insurance providers and state legislation struggle to keep pace with medical advances, many cancer patients about to begin chemotherapy or other treatment don't always have the coverage necessary to pay for fertility preservation services. CNY Preserve looks to close that gap and give back by providing free egg freezing services to oncology patients.

People interested in exploring their fertility preservation options are encouraged to contact CNY Preserve at 833-269-7737 or schedule a consult at

With operations in Syracuse, Albany, Rochester, and Buffalo, New York, Atlanta, Georgia, and Montreal, Canada, CNY Fertility Centers provide comprehensive and affordable state-of-the-art fertility solutions to clients worldwide. CNY is making priceless affordable™.  Annually among the nation's top 10 fertility treatment providers, CNY Fertility offers the full spectrum of reproductive services from simple treatments like ovulation induction and IUI to IVF with cutting-edge immunological protocols.  CNY never turns patients away and treats the most challenging cases, including recurrent pregnancy loss, unexplained fertility, and unsuccessful IVF attempts.  CNY also runs an in-house donor program that offers a diverse set of donor egg options and works in conjunction with its sister company CNY Healing Arts to bring an integrative approach to fertility with holistic treatments like yoga, acupuncture, massage, and fertility counseling.

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