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Clinical Trial Advertising Agency, Clinical Trial Media, Shares Tips To Help First Time Clinical Trial Sites Succeed

HAUPPAUGE, N.Y., April 9, 2019 /PRNewswire/ -- Being chosen as the physical location for a clinical trial is an exciting endeavor. You'll be responsible for the reputation of the trial, patient interaction, and even have the opportunity to foster relationships with the research sponsor. Clinical trial advertising agency, Clinical Trial Media, shares tips to help a first-time clinical trial site succeed.

Don't over-promise patient recruitment numbers. Pharmaceutical companies are likely to ask a long list of questions before selecting a trial site. One of these questions is often inquiring about the number of patients you think you can recruit for them. It's important to answer this question realistically and honestly. If you overshoot and can't meet the agreed-upon goal, it can lead to invalid research, increased timelines and a poor relationship with the sponsor. Beyond that, the sponsor will be highly unlikely to utilize your site again in the future.

Contact interested patients ASAP. When a potential patient reaches out to you for more information, it's imperative you contact them as soon as possible. It's recommended to reach out to potential patients within the hour they contact you to avoid giving them enough time to change their minds or lose interest. It's typically easier to retain a patient once they're enrolled, so this is a crucial time period to engage with a potential patient.

Ensure data submissions are timely and accurate. The sponsor will likely provide a strict guideline with expectations for data submissions and timelines. Failing to report data in a timely manner or submitting inaccurate data can delay the study or cause misinterpretations of results, both damaging your relationship with the sponsor. In a similar fashion, if any problems arise (legal, ethical, etc.) during data collection, it is equally as important to report those to the sponsor immediately. While these issues aren't ideal and hopefully never arise, the sponsor should hear it from you first.

Be mindful of the ethics committee approval process. Ethics committees will examine clinical research studies in great detail to ensure that everything occurring is ethical. The committee will look into details like target population, participant demographics, medical design and scientific design of the study. Each site usually has its own committee who will conduct reviews frequently. Additionally, make sure you account for the time it takes to receive approval when developing your timeline. Any recruitment efforts will need to be submitted and approved by the ethics committee as well before any promotion can begin.

Hosting a clinical trial comes with numerous benefits and it is in your best interest to have it run as smoothly as possible when your site is selected. Following the tips above can help ensure that the research sponsor is satisfied with their experience, allowing you to pursue clinical trial opportunities at your site in the future.

About CTM: CTM, a Clinical Trial Recruitment Agency, is a global patient recruitment and retention firm that provides customized product and service offerings to maximize your study's enrollment potential. With our flexible solutions, superior customer service and vast clinical trial experience around the world, Clinical Trial Media is your global enrollment connection.

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