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Chemesis Advancing Domestically and Internationally, Plus Exclusive CEO Interview -- CFN Media

SEATTLE, Feb. 06, 2019 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) -- CFN Media Group (“CFN Media”), the leading agency and financial media network dedicated to the North American cannabis industry, announces publication of an article and exclusive CEO interview discussing recent advancements made by Chemesis International Inc. (CSE: CSI) (OTCQB: CADMF). In a cannabis industry that is experiencing explosive growth in multiple and diverse geographical markets, it can be difficult for a business to choose its focus and stay on track. A balance must be achieved between building a presence in a key market and diversifying into new opportunities. With its recent run of deals in California, Colombia, and Puerto Rico, Chemesis appears to be achieving that mix.

In an exclusive interview with CFN Media, Part 1 of 2, CEO Edgar Montero discusses the origins of the company, its operations in California, and the launch of the Jay and Silent Bob’s Private Stash brand of cannabis products. If the video does not display properly, please follow the link to view on

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California is Crucial

The legal rollout in California has been happening in fits and starts as municipalities and the state iron out regulations and process a mountain of applications. Companies working in some of the more forward-thinking locales that were early adopters of the new regulations have a leg up in the legal market. Chemesis falls into this category with its California Sap and Desert Zen operations, located in Cathedral City. The two operations are complementary, with California Sap handling extraction and production of extracts and prerolls, and Desert Zen taking care of packaging and distribution. Both companies handle Chemesis’ own brands while offering contract services to other brands.

With that infrastructure in place, Chemesis has partnered with Jay and Silent Bob to launch the Private Stash brand, based on the characters from the slacker movie classics directed by Kevin Smith. To supercharge the product launch and to enhance sales of its other brands, Chemesis has engaged Dank City, a specialty cannabis marketing firm boasting the largest network of cannabis social media pages. The goal is to leverage Chemesis’ early mover advantage into a comprehensive brand presence throughout the state. With California serving as the world’s largest legal cannabis market and considering the state’s role in setting cultural trends that resonate across the globe, that goal is certainly a worthy one.

Colombia Coming Along Nicely

With the recent acquisition of licensed cultivator La Finca Interactiva-Arachna Med, Chemesis is diving head first into the emerging Latin American market. The company currently grows on 1,060 acres and also operates a 10,000 sqft greenhouse. It also partners with Universidad Nacional of Colombia to research and develop ideal agricultural practices for the cultivation of cannabis. In short, it’s a very early mover in a country that has a fledgling medical marijuana program.

La Finca is commencing construction of a GMP certified extraction and production facility to fill a need for clean and reliable cannabis-derived medicines in the country. By building the operation to the highest standards and working closely with the government every step of the way, Chemesis is ensuring that it can develop a low-cost, high-quality producer with capacity to serve both Colombia and international markets. In the end, the export side of the equation may end up being the largest.

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Growth in Puerto Rico

Chemesis has a pattern of developing or acquiring licensed operations in the earliest stages of a developing cannabis market. Its operations in Puerto Rico are no different with its Natural Ventures subsidiary. CEO Edgar Montero and the company played a major role in developing Puerto Rico’s legal medical cannabis regulatory framework, and as a result the company serves about 90% of the island’s dispensaries. Already boasting a 100,000 sqft cultivation facility and a 35,000 sqft extraction facility, Natural Ventures has been adding to its capabilities and product lines significantly over the last couple of months.

In January, Natural Ventures announced the launch of a natural beverages division to include cannabis-derived beverages. Utilizing its current capabilities, and bringing in ingredients like local honey and coffee beans, the company plans an initial launch of beverages designed to provide an energy boost, a calming effect, and sleep support. Infused, functional drinks are one of the fastest growing sectors of the beverage industry and are generally recognized as a major driver in the next wave of development for the cannabis industry.

In another move that ties in with the beverage play while also capitalizing on a high growth sector of the industry, Chemesis announced that it has begun cultivating high CBD strains of hemp on the island. All of the appropriate licenses are in place, from strain registration through cultivation, manufacturing and distribution. With the passage of the 2018 US Farm Bill, it is anticipated that hemp CBD manufacturers will be able to ship products across the US and territories. With the infrastructure in place, and considering Puerto Rico’s favorable climate, Natural Ventures looks to be in a prime position to take advantage of the newly-opening markets for CBD products.

In line with the Puerto Rico CBD developments, Chemesis has also acquired a full line of existing hemp-derived CBD products called Viverian. With existing e-commerce distribution in Arizona, Florida, and Nevada, Chemesis anticipates expanding sales both online and in-store across the US once the state regulations are worked out as a result of the federal Farm Bill. Adding the cultivation and production capacity of its Puerto Rico operations, it’s easy to see the framework of a US-wide CBD operation in the not-too-distant future.

Chemesis is Aligned

By zooming out and taking a macro-view of the Chemesis International operation, the unified plan comes into focus. The company is an early mover in the key markets of California and Colombia, positioned not only to do well in those jurisdictions but to spread out from there as regulations allow. With its foothold secured in Puerto Rico, Chemesis not only serves that emerging market (anticipated to grow to 100,000 registered patients by the end of 2019) but should be able to branch out into other US states with its hemp-based offerings. All of its facilities are built with international best practices in mind, and the company has demonstrated its ability to secure all licenses necessary in each jurisdiction. Keep an eye out as Chemesis builds its operation into an international powerhouse.

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