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The Center for the Self in Schools - 10 Years of Impacting the Mental Health and Well-being of Children

STATE COLLEGE, Pa., June 18, 2019 /PRNewswire/ -- The Center for the Self in Schools, an innovative think tank and resource for educators and families, announced its 10-year anniversary of empowering children's future and addressing some of our society's most pressing well-being problems.

The Center's founders, Dr. Henry Brzycki and Elaine Brzycki, have provided expert thought leadership on how to produce thriving children, adolescents, and young adults through K-16 schooling by merging the fields of education and mental health into one model. 

The Center's research, best practices, and professional development efforts have advanced the fields of social emotional learning at the K-12 level, and student well-being at the college level.  The Center's work and best practices have been used to address depression, anxiety, cutting, substance abuse, suicide, obesity, and bullying, among other issues confronted by children, parents, teachers, and health care providers.

"We help teachers and mental health practitioners incorporate our research-based best practices—along with the Mental Health for All Toolkit into their classrooms to help all students become happier, healthier people. Our best practices also help parents and educators provide better outcomes for those children who suffer from varying degrees of mental health issues," said Dr. Henry G. Brzycki.

The Center's work and best practices are highly respected and used in the United States and internationally, including Australia, Great Britain, India, New Zealand, Germany, among others.  The Center's work has influenced the Every Student Succeeds Act (ESSA) provisions that provide opportunities for school districts in the United States to implement mental health and well-being programming and professional development of teachers, school counselors and leaders.  In the past year, New York, Virginia, Florida, Colorado and Pennsylvania have or are considering mandatory mental health and well-being classes for students. 

The Center for the Self in Schools partners with foundations, research organizations, industry professional organizations, universities, government policy makers, and local school districts to share research and best practices. 

As experts on school-based mental health best practices and how to produce psychologically well children and adolescents from their schooling experiences, The Center for the Self in Schools is uniquely positioned to offer help to all children and looks forward to the next 10 years of partnering with like-minded organizations.

Dr. Henry G. Brzycki and Elaine J. Brzycki are authors of three best-selling books: Mental Health for All Toolkit; Student Success in Higher Education: Developing the Whole Person through High-Impact Practices; and, The Self in Schooling: How to Create Happy, Healthy, Flourishing Children in the 21st Century. They are founders of an innovative think tank providing thought leadership on emotional, psychological and physical well-being through education. They have pioneered the field of integrating mental health, well-being, and prevention in K-16 schooling. They can be contacted at:

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